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A list of characters who appear in the game High School Story. For the characters in the Choices: Stories You Play visual novel , go here. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Player The main character, who is made when you start the game and who is involved heavily in every quest. They can only be a prep, jock or nerd but otherwise have the full customization options available, unlike the other main characters.

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They turn up at an empty lot one day and decide to build a school after hearing about how badly Hearst treats its pupils. From there on they start to make multitudes of friends and generally help everyone. The main character will help everyone. There is a special side quest for every single clique which just involves them dedicating their time to helping that student and a lot of the main or special quests consist of helping the other students too. The main character is pretty generic and doesn't even really act like their chosen clique.

Some personality can be chosen by the player through occasional dialogue choices. Any characteristics of the player are chosen by the player. Specifically, the gender, clique, skin colour, face, hair style and colour, name and clothing. Hello, [Insert Name Here]: The main character can be named whatever the player wants and are referred to as such.

The main character's attractiveness is mentioned in several of the later quests. While the other students may bicker among themselves, nobody at the school seems to dislike the main character, partially because the school wouldn't actually exist without them and is built on a policy of acceptance for all. Even on the rare occasions when they do have opposition or pick a side such as the water war, the grant committee and the blog dispute the other students clearly respect them. Julian The school's sports star and the main jock.

He transfers from Hearst because Max gets all the glory and he never gets to play but quickly proves himself and leads the football team to success.

Dating levels

He used to have anger issues but mellows significantly with the help of the main character and is incredibly loyal. He obviously likes girls, but will also often compliment guys' looks. He's terrible in English during the first Library quests. He gets better with Kallie's help. He's part-way between actually being this and fearing being labelled it. He's obviously behind most other characters academically though. He needs Kallie's help to pass English and it's a bad enough problem that the coach won't let him play if his grades get any worse. Used to be this at Hearst.

Although constantly in Max's shadow, he still used his sporting ability to justify awful behavior. Nishan particularly is very afraid of him at firt. However, he moves out of this after transferring away from Hearst. Transitions into this once he comes to your school. Despite being by far the best athlete and having some initial anger issues, he's a very good friend who becomes fairly close with Nishan, who he used to bully.

Payton An upbeat prep with a passion for partying. She seems materialistic but is actually incredibly friendly and dedicated to her friends. She is one of the first transfers to your school, coming from Hearst. As a prep, she's very interested in fashion and tends to have the more expensive and luxurious outfits. Feminine Women Can Cook: She's certainly not a tomboy, and she's a great baker. Friend to All Living Things: During her character quest, she ends up adopting numerous animals, and gives them away at the end.

She is obsessed with parties and will have one at any excuse. We rarely see what's actually going on but any party with her involved is typically described by other characters as amazing. Light Feminine Dark Feminine: Despite all the trials you and your friends go through, Payton is usually the most optimistic in the group. During the Goth student's help-quest, where it's not so much the Goth student who needs help resolving a crisis as it is Payton herself.

When it comes to baking cookies. She and Nishan team up to use his scientific knowledge so as to stretch the quality of the cookies much further. Peppermint Lattes, especially after a successful party.

Do I have to do everything around here? (High School Story)

Autumn Brooks Autumn is there from the start but her parents don't let her join your school until later, unlocking the artist clique. She's kind and helpful, contributing her efforts to starting up the school.

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Her mother died when she was younger and part of her storyline consists of her coming to accept her father remarrying. All Girls Want Bad Boys: She and Wes have history dating back from their time together at Twin Branches High. Comes off like this in her poll answers. She does her best to conserve water and thinks a nature hike is a great first date! She's actually surprisingly good at sports. She's described to be a tomboy, but her avatar shows otherwise. Is stated to be Native American and is hinted to at least visit a Rez frequently. Mentions that she knows another Native who is selling jewelry and she is a childhood friend.

Nishan A textbook nerd and another early transfer from Hearst. He's somewhat awkward but is very passionate about science and popular culture and is consistently at the top academically. He's very close with both Julian and Sakura, with the later being hinted at romantically.

Bollywood Nerd Covert Pervert: One quest has Nishan remarking on how easily Autumn strips off her clothes to reveal her beach-bikini underneath Apparently, there was a Noodle Incident where Nishan actually tried to turn himself into one. One of his Makeover outfits actually has him as a cyborg including a metallic Mohawk!

He's incredibly smart and somewhat award socially, although that gets better. The smartest of the group, his contributions are weirdly advanced science for a high school kid, such as creating shoes which increase jumping ability to help them win at sports and suggesting gene-splicing equipment when they're deciding what to spend grant money on. Mia Warren A cheerleader who was initially one of the more popular students at Hearst, Kara's right-hand. She's Max's sister but is just as against him as everyone else in the school. People initially don't trust her but when she transfers she makes an effort to make friends and softens noticeably.

Was one to Kara while at Hearst. She was just as bad as her but what we see of it shows that she was definitely in her shadow constantly. Depending on who the player chooses to pair her with. It's canon that Mia is attracted to girls, and while it's very strongly hinted that she doesn't like guys, this is ultimately up to the player. The Abel to Max's Cain. Downplayed, unlike other examples it's shown deep down that they do love each other. Cold and aloof at first, but becomes much kinder when she transfers and makes friends with the main group.

Former Friend of Alpha Bitch: Once she transfers, she immediately becomes opposed to Kara. For her father, in stark contrast to Max. Even during your Dream Date quest with her, Principal Warren's dinner party guests uplift Max's academic achievements while making jokes at Mia's expense, and Principal Warren himself contributes to his own daughter's castigating.

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Ezra Ezra is a musician who transfers to your school to take part in the battle of the bands, and who mostly turns up in quests related to the band or music otherwise. He's notoriously flirty regardless of whether or not he's in a relationship and became fierce enemies with Jack Carver after his girlfriend Lena left him for Jack. His smolder can catch the attention of the heartthrob from far across a crowd and accidentally draws Julian's attention in the process. He's an atypical example of his clique, sharing the tendency to slack off occasionally but also being very resourceful and secretive.


Max Warren - Not Sure What I'm Doing Here.

It's revealed that he has an older brother, Matt, who had to support Wes but who ended up in prison after stealing. He can con almost anyone, but he isn't in the Slacker clique for nothing. Conspiracy Theorist Dark and Troubled Past: Hinted at quite often, though concrete details aren't given. During his personal help-quest, the most he tells you is that "the day the state took him away from his parents was the best day of his life. As a result of having scammed quite a few people in the past, Wes doesn't have a very good reputation, even when he tries to make amends.

One side-quest, where the main characters try to fulfill their New Year's resolutions before the New Year's upcoming midnight party, actually shows Wes seeking to carry out his resolution by making amends with people he'd previously scammed—and one of those persons ends up chasing him off their property.

He's rather good at tricking others into doing his dirty work. Despite being a high school student he's built up this persona, being the best informant whatever anyone needs to know. He's the one who tells you what you need to take down Hearst. He's the one behind the Water War plot, pitting you against Sakura so he can make profits off selling water-balloons to both sides. Sakura A gamer, first introduced as a friend of Nishan but eventually transferred to your school.

She's somewhat stubborn and hot-headed but clearly cares for her friends. Although she's initially angry at Nishan for abandoning her they eventually make up and are incredibly close. Even when not playing a game, Sakura wants to win. She tracks every other student's grade to see how she's doing and to ensure the best partner in a group project and tries to maximize her point score on a personality test. She's a very passionate and skilled gamer, leading her pro gaming team to 7th of in a tournament and later being invited to speak on a panel at a con.

One of her stories revolves around her tackling sexism in gaming. Koh A rebel who joins you school after being expelled from the other local ones Twin Branches, Athena and Hearst. She's rude and obstructively anti-authority but eventually shows herself to be passionate about what she really cares about and a good friend. Her stories involve fending off her ex-boyfriend Razor when he tries to get her to drop out and getting her to be the legal guardian of her ill grandmother.

She makes up with most of the people she wrongs but is fierce enemies with Max. Biker Babe The Bully: Was this when she was at Athena Academy, particularly toward Katherine. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She becomes less of a jerk as time passes. She was introduced this way. She doesn't like to obey the rules, or anyone at all. This ranges from the more minor, such as hot wings for breakfast, to the more severe, being kind of obsessed with revenge.

However, this clearly pays off for her when she has a proper cause to fight for. Wings, especially from Wings Atomica. She's overjoyed when she learns Wes and Ezra work there.

Max Date.png

With Autumn, though she wouldn't really admit it openly. Katherine An emo who originally went to Athena but who transferred after the events with Pandora. She's incredibly close with Mia but is friendly to everyone she meets. She's somewhat of a pushover, needing help to be assertive and having to be kept away from distractions to get work done.

She brings the musical she writes, Flutterkiss Manor, to the school and once she transfers forms a track team. Bi the Way Spoiled Sweet: Her family is incredibly rich - she travels exclusively by limo and isn't allowed to go to a school without a polo team - but she's still incredibly caring and goes out of her way to be nice, even when targeted by Pandora. Kallie A writer who is recruited through the extra credit feature. Notable is that while the other main characters all belong to a normal student type and are unlocked in a specific order, she is the only writer available and can be unlocked any time after recruiting Nishan.

She was homeschooled most of her life and initially only attends English class. However, after making friends with the main group and tutoring Julian she convinces her parents to let her transfer. Girls Love Stuffed Animals: Until she transfers to the player's school. Due to being homeschooled up until high school, she never learned how to interact. Payton tries to teach her how to act when she invites her along to a party. She was introduced this way, as a temporary one. She tends to prefer long and rare words like ameliorate and celerity. Partially due to the fact that her storyline doubles as SAT prep and thus involves mini-games designed to improve the player's vocabulary.

Max Warren A jock from Hearst High and the most significant antagonist. As the son of the principal, he leads Hearst utterly and insists on being the center of attention. Despite being Mia's brother he despises the player's school and tries to get it shut down, then continues targeting it even when that fails. Though he's usually a bully towards Mia and her friends, he does actually care for her. This was for instance shown in the quests about Mia's eating disorder, where he is genuinely worried about and supporting of her. The Bully Cain and Abel: The Cain to Mia's Abel. Downplayed, unlike other examples it's shown deep down they do love each other.

He's Hearst's top athlete, although he blatantly only got to this position because he's the son of the principal. Due to this, Julian is almost permanently benched to make sure he doesn't show up Max. He uses his popularity as an excuse to be cold and actively antagonistic, although this eventually turns Kara against him and many of the main characters transfer to get away from him.

Hidden Heart of Gold: As seen in his date quests and his POV quest, he isn't totally unredeemable. Villain with Good Publicity: He's got plenty of charisma to play this role when he sees fit. As seen in his POV quest, he really craves his father's love and attention despite being the favorite. Kara Sinclair Kara is a cheerleader at Hearst who is Max's girlfriend and just as cruel as he is when she first appears.

However, she drifts apart from him and mellows somewhat, eventually breaking up with him and starting to hang around with the main group sometimes. At Hearst she used her status as head cheerleader and Max's girlfriend to get away with awful behavior, both to Hearst students and the player's school. When she breaks up with Max she loses this but some immoral tendencies stay. She becomes nicer towards, and eventually friendly with the main characters after breaking up with Max.

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She's a skilled actor, playing one of the witches in a performance of Macbeth when everyone goes to a Shakespeare festival. Shane A male cheerleader hailing from Hearst High. He addresses guys and girls alike with affectionate nicknames. At least, while under Kara's thumb. He's got an eye for good fashion. On the receiving end of Kara stealing credit for the routine he made. He teaches it to your school before Hearst gets to use it. Fibikemi "Phoebe" Ayotunde Hearst High's prom queen. Very proficient at martial arts, although her being prom queen means she has to keep that part of herself under wraps.

She really just wants to be able to cut loose and have fun, unrestrained from the shackles that her prom-queen title impose on her. I Just Want to Be Normal: And she gets her wish on joining your school. What she's expected to uphold as prom queen. Derek A member of Hearst High's football team. Real Men Wear Pink: Pink hair , to be exact, albeit it's cut short.

Among Max's inner circle at Hearst. This is a fully LGBT-inclusive game where anyone can date anyone regardless of gender. The great thing about the stories in this game and in the Choices visual novel version of it is that because your MC can be either male or female, it creates a world where sexuality in a non-issue and completely destigmatized.

No one questions that he liked a girl, now he likes a boy. I wish the real world was like that. I also want to note that although Max is usually the villain of the story, his photobooth date series is probably the best of the bunch because it really fleshes him out as a character and shows a more vulnerable side to him. Second, I wanted to get this image out this month because just this week Pixelberry released its final quest for HSS, meaning the story has come to an end, which is kind of sad.

If nothing else, I guess we can create them in The Sims and play them there. A couple of pages from Batman 61 out this week. I loved drawing this sequence of different seasons and emotions. This is a fan art drawing I did of Tim Drake as Nightwing for my new live-streaming page on Facebook. You can watch the process video here: