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  1. My BlackDragon style "blitz" ends in miserable failure. Need ideas for next time.
  2. Is Online Dating Becoming “Impossible?”
  3. Is Online Dating Becoming “Impossible?” - The Blackdragon Blog

Solely getting first dates.

This helps in the time-saving department. Johnny — Andrew sort of answered the question. Is someone brave enough to post word for word openers and follow ups that they use? That is not my real email address by the way. Monogamy is not for adults, it evolved for the protection of children.

But once you make the decision to become bring another living being in the world — the game changes. Ms Brava, please stop making off-topic comments. There are plenty of articles about monogamy on this blog. Feel free to comment about monogamy under the proper articles. Now tones of them after i sent my opener come and check out my profile but i rarely if any get replies. There was one that i wrote twice because i was not sure if i wrote to her or not, and she replied that she was tired of meeting losers and was going to close out her account.

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At my age i look pretty good, i am muscular and most women that see me in real life give me a compliment about broad shoulders or touches me, i am not bragging i am just saying what happens. Now i had a few of my women friends look at my profile my pics, they made me change a few things, they said my pictures where good, i am not shirtless, one is my face the other one is me on vacation because i like to travel. For one part the women that do message me are not interesting at all, and are scary, last week one of them message me and since i did not reply she started giving me bull about knowing she was fat and that i was missing on not going out with her just focusing on her look.

From what i seen thus far you get the 5 foot 2 pounds fatty who is rated a 1 on the scale asking to meet a tall muscular men with a great smile confident and all. I did a few tests on my own too, change my pics and more and it did not get better. I do believe that a lot of women on there are on theses sites for ego trips, and confidence boost, they have no intention of meeting anyone, they just savor every compliment guys email them. I have been on the site for 6 months now and have met 2 women so far, and both did not look one bit like there profile picture needless to say i did not get layed.

This is my honest review on theses dating website unless someone is lying telling me i look good for my age, i must be one ugly motherfucker hahahhahah. My first language is french, and my spelling on the online dating is perfect. I use a spell corrector. Hope this clears some confusion. I used to be on POF Plenty of fish and Badoo and both site suck, i spoke to many women and when the time came to ask for coffee no more replies most of them are attention whores, i gave up online dating because it simply does not work.

Dude, you actually miss one important poing in your response-to-getting-laid conversion math. If you get better response rate you can achieve the same amount of dates and getting laid with less time invested into sending openers.

My BlackDragon style "blitz" ends in miserable failure. Need ideas for next time.

So the final part of the equation is factoring in how much time you need to come up with a good opener vs how much time you need to send out more of them. The first part is individual and depends on your wit while the last one is more or less fixed for everyone. But sending openers takes minutes if not seconds per woman, while dates take hours. Also many factors affecting the response rate are outside your control. Remove pics 1,2,4 and 5. If you want to achieve something that you haven't achieved before, you have to do something that you haven't done before. Just glossed over your profile a.

The only good thing about it is that you're not looking into the camera. Otherwise it's dark and danky and what's up with those sunglasses? Skip this sentence if you're easily hurt, but you look like a rapist slash child molestor. No woman would ever want to speak to a guy like that. Still I see potential in you. Under that one-way chrome I'm sure there is a happy, content, sexy and mysterious man waiting to show himself. Show some torso not naked , so they can get a better idea of your arms size and shoulder width.

And show your friggin face! You ain't fightin' no dragons, so stop hiding behind eye-shields! Smile or no smile: Well, if you can't smile for your life, then don't. But smiling never hurt anyone - if you can make it look sincere. Good ways for your photographer to make it look sincere is to talk to you while he shoots the pics. Or bring a friend who always tell good jokes. He won't be in the profile pic, naturally, but is there to make you feel great. Also he can have his profile pic taken too as a return favour, for instance.

Take at least good pictures in a test shoot meaning probably a series into the hundreds. Don't ever go into a studio or try any posing. Make it seem like something your friend took with his high end phone, only be as charming, manly and mysterious as you can possibly be try one at a time, and then all together. Then have some female friends rate the pictures and pick out the winner. Post that on your profile and score. Get rid of all your pictures. Take a full body shot clothed of course with some sort of interesting background, or something neutral like black or white.

Then have a closer shot of face. If you want to get laid, say you're poor or something equally as stupid. I'm sure you can get laid claiming you make 6 figures, but I'd rather downplay something like that if I was making that sort of money than have it in the in the limelight to an internet market of potential wackjobs who might want your babies, etc. I am available for Skype. We can discuss Pick-Up, or other stuff fitness, nutrition, etc. If my posts intrigue you and you'd like to pick my brain Ignore all the advice on this thread about pics including mine.

Like, "Don't put a pic of you with your shirt off in the bathroom mirror, cuz then you look like a douche". Dude, if you are ripped, put up a shirtless bathroom mirror pic! Everybody claims those are the lamest pics I would have killed for a blog like this 20 years ago, much less all the other blogs and forums you have access to on the internet… for free.

If I had known these things back when I was 18 or 22, man, my sex life and relationship life in throughout my 20s would have been completely different. Different, as in orders of magnitude better. The truth is women are far more sexual creatures than men are. Women are just as horny as dudes, if not more so. The difference is the amount of rules and regulations women place around sex thanks to Societal Programming.

Perhaps even more than you want her. As a man, you have no such conditioning. It means you stop assuming that you are the one who wants sex more. It is you creating a pathway for women to be comfortable with their desire to have sex with you as fast as possible without judgment. Women are not going to get mad at you when you open them. As a younger guy, I always expected that if I walked up to a woman and said hi, or asked a woman out on a date, she would get upset, possibly insult me, and possibly cause a scene.

Societal Programming trains women to be sweet and polite to strangers. This is one of the very rare times Societal Programming actually works in your favor. Always remember that when you want to say hi to that cute girl, or ask a girl out, regardless of the outcome she will be sweet about it. A lot of younger guys are very ashamed that they are virgins, or have only had sex with three women or whatever. Again, women are horny as hell and crave sex badly.

Almost never is the past sexual experience of the man a make-or-break issue for a woman. As a young man, I fell into this trap myself. What a dumbshit I was. This actually turned her off , not on. This turned her right back on again, and we had sex, and I lost my V-card. That was the last time I ever lied to a woman. I was so ashamed about what I did that it took me many years to actually come clean and tell her she had been my first.

Is Online Dating Becoming “Impossible?”

Learn from my stupidity as a young man. Worse, it may actually turn them off if you tell them otherwise. Or all pretty women will reject you. The truth is the exact opposite. A super hot girl will reject you in a bar or bookstore or dating site and then 30 seconds later the next super hot girl you hit up, who is just as hot and in the exact same location as the first girl, will really like you. This happens to me all the time on the online dating sites and to this day it still blows me away.

When I was doing daygame I had the exact same experience. This also applies to relationships. Just because you want kids with her, does not mean you have to legally marry her. Last week I was asked what my biggest regret in life was.

My second biggest regret in life was getting legally married to the woman I married back when I was 25 years old. Most of you already know I got divorced 9 years later, and I could have avoided a mountain of headaches. All of those things were fine. No, the problem was that I legally married her.

I simply did not have to do that. It was an extremely stupid move on my part. We could have dated, fallen in love, moved in together, had the exact same two children, then broken up as friends perhaps three for four years later. She simply would have moved out, I would have started paying child support, and her and I would have amicably moved on. No fuss, no muss.

All because I was stupid enough to get married. Why did I do it? You have easier access to women, including attractive women, in high school and college than at any other time in your life. Damn, during high school there were swarms of hot girls all over the place, and as a young dumb teenager I just became used to it. Holy crap, was I in for a shock when I left high school and went right into the full-time corporate world! My world shifted from hot, young, fun, happy high school girls to overweight, angry, jaded, stressed out, over office women.

Divorced or married, it made little difference, these women were radically different than the happy high school girls I was used to. Not to mention not nearly as attractive. Seriously, going from high school directly into the corporate world was a huge culture shock.

In high school, girls liked boys. In the corporate world, suddenly I heard women talk about how stupid men were and how all men were liars. I would hang out with my older brother, who at the time had just graduated college.

I would have taken advantage of the favorable conditions. While college is a waste of time for most people, if you are currently in college, or even in high school, you need to use this time to take advantage of the fact there are hot women all over the place in your life. It will never, ever be like this again. With daygame, night game, and online dating, you easily have access to large amounts of women. One could also get a job where lots of hot women are common and concentrated, such as a bartender, bouncer, musician, photographer, or similar. When I was in my early 20s, before I started my business, I was a low-level manager at the corporate office of a big bank.

One of the guys on my staff was a dude named Chris, who was year or two younger than me. This guy was a natural. While he was a shitty worker, he was good looking, extroverted, socially competent, and had natural game with women. He had sex with tons of chicks, and while some were ugly, many of them were hot as hell. He really liked me and often invited me to parties, bars, and dance clubs. Being an introverted guy and more introverted years ago than I am now , and very focused on my work like the business nerd I was and partially still am , I usually turned him down.

Big, big mistake on my part.

Is Online Dating Becoming “Impossible?” - The Blackdragon Blog

One day I finally relented and said yes to him. He was meeting up with a few girls. I was wrong of course.