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Within a 15 minute time frame we are confident that we can provide still 3D scan facial images both on a CD Rom and provide 2 A4 sized pictures.

Baby Scanning: 4D Scan Versus HD Live

Also within this time we can check the gender of the baby. This can be carried out in our Glasgow clinic from 16 weeks onwards. In our Glasgow clinic; you also have the opportunity to have a glimpse of your baby in 4D at no additional cost. HD Live Gender Scan. This package is available between weeks of pregnancy.

This can be carried out from 8 weeks. The presence of 1, 2 or more babies can be established. No Gender determination at this stage. Our company has never taken a booking fee since its inception in and we always endeavour to provide a high level of service.

Hamilton Baby Scan Clinic (Glasgow) - Early, Gender, 4D & Growth Scans

You should be careful before purchase a voucher. You should not be expected to pay a booking fee for any clinic. If a company thrives on delivering a high level of service they will not ask for any money up front, as there would be no need to. Pick up the phone and speak to us. You need to know about the company that you are entering into an arrangement with!

Package F: (Presentation Scan). Normally £90 now £39!

We have been on various forums and many patients have expressed concerns about their purchase of vouchers which are too good to be true. Many of the complaints on the forums are that their telephone calls are not taken despite repeated attempts and that they have difficulty making appointments despite having already parted with their money. They have expressed difficulties in choosing their appointment times. It is dangerous for this medical equipment to be operated by unqualified staff and not be serviced and maintained on annual basis.

Ultrasound scans in Glasgow

There are various settings on these machines which have to be monitored and controlled carefully. An example of these are the mechanical and the thermal indices. These have to be kept at low levels to ensure no harm to the foetus. If an unqualified person operates these machines they can potentially be causing harm to the foetus. Collectively with other reputable baby scanning companies we cannot be involved with voucher companies as it is obviously financially impossible to provide the service using qualified staff, at the rates set and commissions taken by the voucher companies.

Our clinic is owned by a General Medical Practitioner, so we have a duty of care to the patient. Our 3D and 4D scans are carried out by qualified sonographers and radiographers. We have maintenance and service contracts in place for our equipment. Given the above expenses we believe that we can provide the above discounted packages without compromising level of service or compromising patient safety. At Baby Scanning, we are able to offer you the most technologically advanced 3D scanning service currently available.

These cutting edge imaging techniques allow you to see your unborn baby in extraordinarily high detail. Many expecting parents have been amazed by how the foetus moves in ways very similar to a newborn baby. We will be returning for 4D! Amazing friendly and welcoming staff went above and beyond to make it a special experience. Baby was a bit camera shy and the staff encouraged me to go for a walk and move around even though this was their last appointment of the day at no point did we feel rushed they geniunly seemed to care about making it the best experience possible.

The heart beat bears were a lovely touch that we listen to daily. Have already recommended the place to some fellow expectant mothers and would be my first choice for any future babies.

Hamilton, Glasgow

Myself, my husband and my mum have returned home this evening after I had a 4D scan! The scan quality was fabulous though our little one was being camera shy the Sonographer Nadia tried her utmost to get decent images for us and we had plenty to choose from!

We also opted to buy a Heartbeat Bear which is just something that brings the extra special touch. All in all I would highly recommend this clinic- I unfortunately can't remember the name of the other 3 girls who were there but our thanks to them too x. Excellent customer service by all staff. The building itself has a fresh, relaxed and professional look. Scan room is tranquil and the staff are wonderful at putting you at ease!

Why Choose Us?

The person conducting the scan was so thorough and took her time to show you everything possible!! The girl Gemma was very professional and helpful as were all staff. Well done window to the womb. Ps really easy to find!!!! My wife had to be seen some weeks ago but unfortunately there were no available sonographers on the day. After phoning to find out what the issue was we were told that all sonographers had all fell sick and that the appointment had to be cancelled. Following a complaint they managed to bring a sonographer on call to carry out the scan.

Some minutes later a sonographer named Carol came and performed the scan. She was extremely nice to her and carried a very detailed scan and spend quite a lot of time to see every single detail.

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  3. Early Pregnancy Scan Hamilton | firstScan Clinic at Window to the Womb |;

In summary, they managed to succesfully turn an unpleasent situation for a customer into a very good performance!! Mums Visit Us From. The Hamilton team thrive on providing you with the ultimate baby scan experience and it is a magical moment for us to share your experience with you. Our team are there to provide you with all the help and support you need and to answer any of your questions. When entering our clinic you will be met by one of our warm and friendly team members, in a beautiful calming environment that has a community feel to it.

A member of the team will then facilitate the printing of your chosen prints and provide you with all digital images of all your scan pictures. Depending on the scan package you choose, this may also contain your 4D movie.

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  • Package E: (2D/4D Gender Scan). Normally £75 now £35!.
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  • An Extensive Range Of Ultrasound Services.
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  • Ultrasound technology has been researched extensively in hundreds of clinical studies over the past 30 years and has not been shown to cause any harm to either mother or baby with routine scanning now a normal procedure in all pregnancies. A probe placed on the body emits sound waves into the body, listens for the return echo and generates an image. This is likely the same machine that the NHS will use in your 12 week dating and 20 week anomoly scans.

    When choosing a baby scan clinic to book your scan with, we suggest that you request information on what equipment they have in clinic, as we believe that the specialist and fixed Voluson S8 offers a far superior quality of images than a mobile laptop and doppler, that is typically carried from one location to the next. Our Scan Room Experience To make sure that mum and up to 5 guests have the very best experience, Window to the Womb baby scan clinic in Hamilton features features 3x 50" screens.

    Movie Recording Equipment The most amazing thing about a baby scan at Window to the Womb is the ability to take away images and videos of your scan to share with family and friends. At our Hamilton baby scan clinic you can take away full colour photo prints, all digital images and a movie of your full baby scan package dependent. Early baby scan Hamilton, early scan Hamilton, early pregnancy scan Hamilton, dating scan Hamilton, reassurance scan Hamilton. Viability scan Hamilton, specialist scan Hamilton, private baby scan Hamilton, early pregnancy ultrasound Hamilton, private pregnancy scan Hamilton, internal scan Hamilton, previous ectopic scan Hamilton, previous miscarriage scan Hamilton, pregnancy symptoms scan Hamilton, 6 week scan Hamilton, 7 week scan Hamilton, 8 week scan Hamilton, 9 week scan Hamilton, 10 week scan Hamilton, 11 week scan Hamilton, 12 week scan Hamilton, Early baby scan Glasgow, early scan Glasgow, early pregnancy scan Glasgow, dating scan Glasgow, reassurance scan Glasgow.

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