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This will create fewer distractions, and ultimately, a happier couple. In the spawning tank, provide a surface for the angels to deposit their eggs on.

Littlest Pet Shop Singles Angelfish (#) Pet | LPS Merch

A spawning cone, spawning mop, or simply a piece of slate are items breeders often choose. Angels have also been known to lay their eggs directly on the water filter, for example. Wait for your breeding pair to spawn. Sometimes, breeding pairs spawn only days after being transferred to the spawning tank. In other cases, it can take several weeks of waiting and a little bit of prodding for them to feel comfortable enough to produce fry.

Here are some things you can do to encourage breeding: Feed them a bit more than usual with high-quality freeze dried food. Give them more security by adding additional plants, spawning mops, or other fibrous, decontaminated props. Try a larger aquarium if your tank is at or below the 20 gallon Place another angelfish or another breeding pair close to, but still separate from, their aquarium. Sometimes, the sight of another angelfish will get them breeding.

If all else fails, pair the angels up with different mates. If you've waited in vain for your breeding pair to do the deed, and you've tried all of the above suggestions, it may be time to play matchmaker again.

Chennai online dating websites

There's a good chance the breeding pair isn't actually compatible, and you'll want to find a different mate for each fish. Try placing them back into a bigger aquarium and wait for them to pair off with other mates.

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Let the angelfish rear their own fry if desired. Angelfish normally care for their own spawn so leave them to it once they have spawned and disturb them as little as possible. Any form of undue stress or unexpected routine can cause the angelfish to start to eat their own fry. As the breeding pair raises their fry, continue feeding the breeding pair as before, taking note that they may not be as hungry. Remove any unwanted or uneaten food immediately after feeding and take pains to ensure the water quality is high and uncontaminated.

Occasionally you get a pair of angels that eat their fry. When this happens, you have no alternative but to remove the cone or slate with the eggs to another tank containing identical water and raise them artificially. Raise the fry artificially if you need to. Transfer the fry to a clean 1 gallon 3.

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Transfer the fry on the spawning slate or mop so that it's facing the bottom of the tank and close to the airline. Consider keeping the tank in the dark to prohibit the harmful growth of bacteria. At this stage, they'll be simple wrigglers, and won't need to eat anything.

After 5 days in this stage, they become free-swimming and will start to need food brine shrimp work well. Small, frequent feedings are best. After the fry begin to swim in a cloud, they should be transferred to a medium sized 2. Yes - if not when they are eggs, definitely once they become free swimming.

Get a seperate tank for them, or a divider. Not Helpful 3 Helpful If you are selling them to a person, a centimeter body is the best size. If you're selling them to a pet store, ask them what size they prefer. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Is it necessary to keep an angelfish with its eggs, or should I separate them?

No, it is not necessary, but it is highly recommended so the parents do not eat their fry.

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It is typical that they will eat their eggs the first couple of spawns, but after that, they will usually raise them by themselves. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Yes, they might eat their eggs if they are stressed or feel threatened. There are also times when first time parents eats their eggs.

They'll learn how to breed properly over time. You do not need to; however, if you'd like to raise them without the parents, you may. Angelfish are naturally great parents, so leaving them alone with the fry is my suggestion. Not Helpful 13 Helpful If the eggs are bad they turn white, while if they are good they will stay a brownish-gray color. If you got a good pair they will remove the white eggs, if not a turkey baster will do the job.

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Not Helpful 2 Helpful How do I stop my breeding pair from eating the fry when they are free swimming? You have to separate the fry into a smaller tank and feed them baby food till they get of right size.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful Not Helpful 6 Helpful While the parents are taking care of the eggs, can the aquarium lights be turned off at night? Does a female ever fill up with eggs and not lay them? She just swells up. Angelfish shouldn't swell up. If you have a fish swelling up and floating not dead, but seems to not be able to get down , it may have swim bladder disease. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Can I move the eggs to a separate tank so the parents and other fish don't eat them?

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