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  1. Talk About the Uncomfortable Subjects
  2. Top 5 Tips for Dating During the Holidays
  3. Top 5 Tips for Dating During the Holidays - Peace Quarters
  4. Dating Someone New During The Holidays… What Do I Do?

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Talk About the Uncomfortable Subjects

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Top 5 Tips for Dating During the Holidays

The holidays often have huge romantic expectations and disappointments. However, if you apply the accompanying five secrets, you may instead find lasting love. For some singles, the winter and holidays can be lonely and depressing, whereas other singles use the cold as an excuse to just wall-up inside and do nothing.

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In either case, hibernating for the winter can have a huge impact on your happiness and relationships and can make you less attractive to the opposite sex. Not only does a sedentary lifestyle add to depression, anxiety, and weight gain, but it also prevents you from meeting new singles.

Additionally, when men and women hang out instead of being actively involved, they often feel less passionately toward each other. Thus, being actively involved in life and doing things together makes you and the relationship more attractive, interesting, and desirable. Treat the winter as a time to step out of your comfort zone and do something new with other singles or a dating partner. In other words, women, take up a new hobby such as indoor rock climbing, scuba diving instruction, marathon training, etc.

These can be great places to meet men.

Top 5 Tips for Dating During the Holidays - Peace Quarters

Men, take a dance class or join a new exercise group or yoga class. Lots of women attend these types of classes, and being physically active increases the chance of one or both of you feeling more chemistry. If you just started dating someone, now is not the time to invite him or her to your work or family parties for the holidays.

Instead plan on going to these events alone this holiday season, unless your date invites you to one of their holiday parties. Some may expect that everyone will bring a guest, and others may not allow guests at all. If you do attend their office party, be a good guest.

Dating Someone New During The Holidays… What Do I Do?

Looking for dating and relationship advice? Book a date coaching session today! Instead, wear festive colours Wearing a crimson blouse or emerald green dress will look killer on date night and will set you apart from everyone in their boring black ensembles. Give them space The holiday season is busy for everyone.

Be a good guest If you do attend their office party, be a good guest. By Laura Bilotta, Author T Sign up for Single in the City's Matchmaking Club today and get a ticket to an upcoming speed dating event for free Limited time offer Price: The holidays can be really fun, so try and see them through the eyes of a child—it creates awe and romance, says Hershenson.

Make sure to occasionally swap out that holiday punch and eggnog for some Perrier with lime, which looks the same as vodka and soda. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr Instagram.