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This video is one example of one of these gatherings that we have throughout the year as a company — team riders, media, marketing, and product development together just snowboarding for fun.

U.S. Snowboarder Jamie Anderson -- I'M QUITTING TINDER ... I'm Too Hot for App Dating - TMZ

Hopefully this video inspires you to just go out and go snowboarding with your crew this winter and have some fun together, no matter the weather, the conditions, or terrain. Our website uses cookies to ensure the best possible service.

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But it is also, and maybe for the same reason, one of the most frequently misused and abused ones. Bethany Mercer and Jay Haysey have built themselves a pretty awesome career Catherine thought she was the only skateboarder in Edinburgh with boobs, until she discovered this crew of radical women Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers.

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