He is dating someone else but still contacts me

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He manually has to pay for me every month. He's been doing this almost a year, and we haven't been in contact for a few months, now. I also know he is dating and living with someone new. Why is he continuing to pay my bill??! It could easily be just a way he keeps a little reminder of you, which is also why he still keeps trying to pull you back into his life.

Making Logical Sense Of Dating And Relationships

Yes I think you still have a chance. You just have to prove to her that you're sincere about making these changes with your actions and perseverance to the task. My wife and I were married almost seven years before she cheated on me and left. We have three kids together so we keep in contact for the most part. It's been just over four years since our seperation. A few years back I thought it would be funny to ask her to sent me some nudes.

Which she di, after claiming to not doing that ever. A little while later I again asked her. But she said no, but ended up sending them anyway. She claims that she has never sent them to anyone else but me. Even though we have been separated for about four years now.

I feel that it's her way of saying something but I'm not quite sure what. Could be boredom, missing you, or her way of flirting. You could always reach out to reconnect further if you're interested in reconciliation. Start by catching up or perhaps asking her out to lunch. You've been together with her for 25 years, so there are definitely habits she finds hard to suppress even though she doesn't feel inclined to get back together.

I suggest instead of actively trying to pursue her right now, you give her some space instead and apply no contact. This at least gives her time to potentially realize how much she misses you and process her own emotions. By continuously talking to her, not only does she not process these thoughts, but the thoughts of never getting back together are reinforced each time she sees or hears from you. Hi me and my partner of 8 years broke up a couple of weeks ago we have 3 children together she said that we dragged eachother down and the spark wasn't there but when I have the kids she has to try and argue with me She's taken off most of the gifts that I brought her she's put the pictures of us together in the bin and taken pictures of me and the kids off the wall and put them out of sight She messaged me and said part of her misses me, part of her don't and another bit saying she's just binned her soul mate I really don't understand what this means or where her head is at I'm so confused.

Usually, these situations are a compiled expression of her emotions that would have been building up for some time. You probably have to spend some time figuring out what went wrong in the relationship that caused her to lose feelings for you and give up on the relationship. Me and my Girlfriend have been broken up for a month and two weeks. I barley text her today after no contact.

We had been together for 4 years. She told me if you wanna make this work you have to move out. I wanna see you make big boy moves. With me moving out is that really gonna fix things? Take her advice here, and show her you're capable of being independent and have matured since breaking up. She probably felt that you had started taking her for granted, showed less affection, and became needier, which was why she suggested moving out in order to see your 'big boy moves'. Hi, my name is Paul. Ive been in a 9 month long relationship with my ex before she broke things off. Im 26 and she is We have been in contact even after breaking up but sometimes there would be times where I would block her and then unblock her once my negative emotions have subsided.

When I did it for the 3rd time I messaged her once i did unblock her.. She said i should have been firm in blocking her. I regret doing it and i apologized to her, that i was sorry for being indecisive and i want to preserve what we at least had but to no avail. Did i screw it up? Right now, yes she probably is firm on the breakup and there isn't much you can do to convince her otherwise.

You might want to give her space for now and go into NC, before reaching out to rebuild attraction and trust with her again and see if she's willing to start over then. You can use this article for more guidelines on how to win her back. I must agree i made a big mistake because towards the end of the day i showed her how badly i still need her and i kinda begged her to give us a chance but we ran out of time still talking about it.

Accept the condition of being friends for now if you still intend to win her back someday, otherwise, walk away from her altogether if you think you think staying friends with her would affect your happiness. Although you've made mistakes, it seems that she still has feelings for you to some extent, but you HAVE to consider making some changes if you want to stand a chance and not make more mistakes down the road. Most importantly, you're going to have to learn to accept the breakup and be able to live without her.

Otherwise, she's always going to feel that pressure from you, and would lose respect because she sees you as weak. My ex broke up with me in June. His baby momma wanted to fight me because he moved on with me. I was the only woman he introduced to his child and she loved me. His family loved me as well. He told me he will always love me yet he has not made an effort to work it out with me.

He recently told me people do stupid things for good reasons all the time when I asked him why he ended things with me. Should I walk away for good? Sometimes, people take action or give up when they perceive it to be the best for everyone, but fail to take into consideration other parties and what they are willing to go through. So my ex husband served me when our twins were 6months old, I wanted to work things out but he just told me to give him money so he could leave.

338 thoughts on “Why Your Ex Boyfriend Contacts You When Hes In Another Relationship”

We got in a lot of arguments because of money and his mom being so involved in our marriage. He kept me hanging on for about a year after he moved out, then his days off changed at work and he wanted to change our agreement that I have a modification for at work. He has always run away from stress and we had a lot of stress with deaths in the family, cancer in the family, car accident, new house marriage I had surgery then I got pregnant and it was a tough pregnancy. So he came back and forth wanting to work things out.

Fast forward a year of this two weeks ago he shows up with my kids and a new girl. He refuses to give me a solid we r done for good. The verbal abuse continues. I am so upset I was not perfect I have said mean things but always caused from the name calling or some drama with ppl butting in and him never standing up for me or standing by me.

Hi, my ex boyfriend and I broken up 2 days ago. The reason was because he had a lot of problems going on with his family and he wants cool off from our relationship. He says he still loves me but he doesnt want me to get involve with his problems. I gave him what he wanted. But then yesterday was supposed to be our monthsary, so i tried to send him a message saying it hurts that he broken up with me and that we have not able to celebrate our monthsary.

I also told him I wanted to wait for him to come back but I felt like he will not come back anymore, and that it will be more easy for me if he says he doesn't love me or doesn't want to continue our relationship anymore. He read the message but didn't answer, i didn't receive a reply. During our relationship he keeps a lot of things from me, one is he has another facebook account where I discover he just broke up with his girlfriend 5 days after we became a couple.

Opposed to what he told me that he was single for 2 years. And that it was the girl who broke up with him because of long distance relationship, but then again when I check the profile of the girl, it says that it was him who left. I confront this with him and he change the story again, he told me that the girl cheated, thats why they broke up. This issue starts to give me doubts whether he's telling me the truth or not. But I love him very much that I'm willing to overlook this issues and forgive him of his shortcomings so he could stay.

Right now I can't stop hoping that he will come back to me, but because of the issues I am doubting whether his reasons for the break up is only his way of leaving me. I don't want him to know or see that I'm moving on because I want him to think that I'm waiting for him and he can always come back anytime. But what if he dont come back? Should I just stop hoping and move on? I love him very much.

I think it would honestly be better to move on. Who knows if he has been lying to you the whole time and it would be hard to develop such a relationship over distrust and insecurities. Perhaps have a talk with him to find out what his intentions are, and whether he still wants the relationship.

There could be a chance that it started as a misunderstanding or because there was a certain issue, and by not addressing it and additionally playing the hot cold game, things have escalated to this extent. Im from Philippines, 28 years old. My boyfriend is from Saudi Arabia, 44 years old. We had a huge fight last sunday because I caught him attended a Filipino gathering without me knowing it or should I say he really didn't want me to know. We lived together for a year in Saudi when I was still there, I came to Philippines last May , our relationship was on and off coz of trust issue.

He visited Philippines this year, March, he met my family and on his 6th day here, I caught him from his mobile that he cheated on me last year August he had this affair with another filipina and he admitted it, he said he paid for this woman to have sex with him and he said he honestly didn't like it. But based on the messages he sent her, I dont know if im going to believe him. That issue is already finished, he begged for my forgiveness and promised me he will never do that again.

Until last sunday, I saw photos from a facebook friend and I was surprised to saw him on that party. He's always telling me that he's busy but he didn't even bother to tell me he's attending that Filipino gathering coz he already knows what's gonna be my reaction, and he also reason out that to me, that I would have gone crazy again if he tells me.

I got mad, and he didn't talk to me the whole day. He calls me after that, saying he need a break. That I will never change. That I dont have the rights to control him whether he wants to go out with his guy friends and also girls. He also told me to wake up, that maybe one day something might happen, that he might get married again coz he's divorced from last year And all he wants to happen is for me to have a career that's why he bought my own working visa in Bahrain which is only 30minutes drive from his place in Saudi.

I begged for him not to leave me but he said he couldn't answer it now. I asked him if he still loves me, he said yes. Now I dont know what to do. Should I cut contacts with him or what. He just called me last night, but just to ask how are my kids and parents doing. It was only 2 minutes call.

Please help me to get him back. I know you want him back, but you also need to focus on being independent and working on your goals in the meantime since these things are important to him. You also have to learn that it's not healthy to react this way whenever you find out he attends events since it comes across as weak and paints a picture in his head that 'you're always going to be like this' or that he can't tell you things due to your reaction. My ex was a girl who plays with men's feeling to have revenge on how she was dumped by her ex before.

I was suppose to be 1 of her victim but she fall in love with me and she changed. But i somehow broke her heart because i say something so hurtful for her and kinda dump her 1 night.. But we still do contact each other almost everyday and spend times together after that and she do say that she still love me a bit but she want to be single for now.

And i still trying to get her back and i never leave her. So , after about a month after the breakup , i contact 1 of her ex that was her victim , so i ask him about her , so this guy tell me how mess up their relationship was and he know that he was just being used , she never care about them even tho that guy was so nice to her , he never being mad to her.. And this guy said that if she not chatting with him , she will chats with other guy cheating.

Which is very different with me , we had a lot of fights even before we are officially dating and she do care about us. And she do reply my feelings. So, i remembered back then she do tell me that after she know and talks with me , she changed. And she only talk with me right now.

So , i act know a guy whom she used to chat a lot which was suppose to be her victim also , so i asked this guy to read their chat , and unexpectedly , this guy was very cool to give me his fb , so , i read their chats and im suprised to see that she really stop chatting with this guy suddenly , and that was the time that she started to like me and she said she dont chat with other guy anymore.

Why Your Ex Boyfriend Contacts You When Hes In Another Relationship

But i was an asshole , i used this guy fb to try to bait her because i am such a curious person and i have doubts issues , but she act knows that it was me and she got very mad with me , saying i am a coward and else. We fights again and she told me about her past , she admit she was playing with men's feeling before because of revenge. Right now , she still spending time with me , but i know she is very dissapointed with me right now , We are still not back in relationship and i dont know if she do still love me right now.

If she's still spending time with you, then use this time to gain her trust back and to help her see that arguments in a relationship are common but just because the relationship isn't perfect, doesn't mean you should walk away anytime something goes wrong. I instantly regretted it and after a month I decided to go to her house as she had blocked me on phone and social media A couple of days later I received a phone call from the police asking me to refrain from contacting her at her request So my question is Also if I do no contact, how long for and how do I contact her again after?

It could probably be the impulsiveness to jump into a new relationship or a rebound that has given her the illusion that she's moved on from the breakup with you, but if the relationship you shared with her was a long and meaningful one, the past would probably catch up to her eventually since she has not actually dealt with the emotions from the previous breakup. In the meantime I suggest moving on and focusing on yourself since she is clearly not ready to face you and may even feel negatively towards you hence the police call.

We dated 6 years, lived together 2 years. Due to stupid stuff in my family the last year I got depressed, overweight, passive, in short, wasn't a man and didn't make her feel as a woman. She broke it off, and the following weeks while she was moving out, I did everything wrong, crying, pleading, begging, she straight out said ahe lost all respect for me, and she was right to do so. After she moved out, I started reading what to actually do, so I started NC, the first month through mutual friends I heard she already started dating someone, it hurt, but I made no big deal of it.

After 40 days I bumped into her on the street, she clearly wasn't ready to talk to me, aside from a forced 'hi', luckily I kept my cool. After 3 months, I tried reaching out, as outlined here, no response. Now, honestly, she is one of the most stubborn people I know, so this didn't surprise me, I understood that for this to work with her, I would have to have patience. Now after 6 months of NC, some of her mail was still coming to my place, contacting her though her friends she has blocked me everywhere and the postal office didn't worked, so I went over to her place to give her her mail and politely ask to change her adress.

At this point I knew that she was already dating the same guy for 5 months and were moving in together expensive city, so it happens alot, not a big thing, though it still hurts. During this 6 months though, I have lost 70 pounds and gotten healthy, stopped smoking, drinking, gaming. Got new clothes, a new car even a new job, I was different, and I was happy, even without her, even though I miss her terribly and want her back.

I'm even dating someone, but casually. Anyway, she was not happy to see me, or it seemed like she actually was but was putting on a very nasty facade. I kept calm, confident and even got a few laughs out of her during this shirt encounter, but everytime she caught herself laighing she quickly resumed her stern and angry facade, stating we are over, never contact her again, she has moved on. Anyway, I didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable so left soon. Now, I see it as, she still needs time to cool down, her angry facade will stay for a while.

It is truly possible that she moved on and never wants me again and part of me accepts it already. What would be the best course of action here? Completely let her go, maybe she will contact me in a few months, maybe a year. And if at that point we are both single, see if anything is left? If not, try and get over it and move on? Or is there something to be done here? Because honestly, she is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with and if she would spend time with me, even as friends she would experience the new me, but this is an impossibility right now.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend waiting on her to have a change of heart since you never know how long that is going to take. Never let your past dictate your future, and this is one of those cases where you should consider simply moving on and letting go. If fate happens to present an opportunity down the road where both of you are single and you still have feelings for her at that time, then consider your options then.

For the time being though, simply focus on making yourself happy and becoming the best person you can be. And she did claim she was speaking to someone, which is fair enough. Anyway on the night out she tried to be friends with my mates GF which is odd, and then later on that night she then went and unblocked my best friend and his girlfriend on social media and started to follow them both, I found that very odd. She has since unblocked me which again is strange.

Her actions could probably mean that seeing your best friend's girlfriend reminded her of you, which brought about both good and bad memories at the same time, resulting in her speaking ill about you to them, but at the same time unblocking you off social media. She may also have told your best friend's girlfriend about her seeing someone else because she knows the message will get relayed back to you eventually and it might be a way of 'showing off' that she's doing okay after the breakup.

If you feel that she may be receptive towards you again, you could always try reaching out sometime soon, but I would personally recommend waiting it out to see what she does first. How long would you look to wait? My 30 days ends on the 26th, if I looked to make contact then that would have been over a week since the discussion between the two took place. How long would you look to leave it before responding? Contacting her once NC ends sounds like a relatively good time, given the circumstances. If she responds positively, then continue with the conversations but if she doesn't, go back into no contact again since it was probably too soon still.

It means a lot. I can't believe in the fact that we act like strangers now I wish you all the best in everything that you'll undertake throughout your life. And i sincerely miss you a lot, maybe i need you by my side as a friend to feel stronger. But anyway if you're happy the way we are now I'm happy too. I won't be too long Always be the amazing human that you are and never ever look at your past to be honest if i could change our past I'll definitely do it I miss you my friend more than you think.

Well it would indicate that she's definitely thinking of you and misses you in some form, but it doesn't necessarily mean she wants to get back together. It could simply just be those 'late night thoughts' where she thinks back to the relationship with you. A girl used to stalk me alot and someone introduced me to her. We came in a relationship and it was my first relationship not her. I am 23 and she is We discussed about each other in our families and we were having a great time.

I used to ger hyper when she used to annoy me. She used to talk about breakups and then nect minute she used to say sorry and I always took her in arms. But I know she still But kindly tell me how to ger her back. She has removed me from fb blocked me on mobile. How can I get her back? She gets angry and hyper when I text or call her. Yes I have promise myself to change my negative attitude with her. But she is not accepting my apology. Perhaps give her some time for now to cool off, especially if the incident that led to the breakup only happened recently. You could apply the No Contact Rule for now, and try to initiate an apology and conversation again after the NC period, which should have given her plenty of time to cool off.

Hi, I need an advice my ex boyfriend been sending me messages on Facebook we haven't talked for about 5 years. I answered a couple of his messeges and he was telling me about his struggles and about his ex girlfriend that did him wrong. And he will ask me if I still have feeling for And and I will tell him no, because I moved on I have a family.

He will tell me to leave my boyfriend for him but to be honest I do have feelings for him but just as friends. He will tell me to hang out but it's weird hanging out with your ex boyfriend or is it okay? If you are currently in a relationship and have a family, it would be best to do right by your family and not take the risk of exploring a situation of what could ruin it on the off chance your feelings are sparked again, especially if your relationship has lasted awhile and you may be feeling 'bored' with it due to the lack of excitement.

I dated my ex for 1 year. He was very very into me the whole time. I never questioned his interest. Marriage has been mentioned on his end. Stuff was great then aspects of It got very unhealthy. He still showed the same interest though. But eventually we took a break for about a month and when we came back together everything was better and he had changed a lot in many ways. Shortly after he was posting snapchats with a new girl. Of corse that situation hurt me so bad i lashed out and i somewhat regret showing my feelings.

This is confusing for me and i have poured my heart out time after time telling him this is nothing like us. He could potentially still be feeling upset at the breakup, and might have even let his thoughts run wild from overthinking which causes him to react in a hot and cold manner. The other girl may not be someone he likes or has feelings for but it definitely is aimed at filling his time right now instead of having to deal with the breakup instead. Broke up with my Girlfriend of 3 years at the end of December, did not really communicate with her much for about two months even though I missed her the whole time.

We started briefly taking again in February and since then have been communicating almost everyday, I found out in March that she started talking to another guy which driven me nuts because I still deeply love her and want to get back together. She decided to commit but that only lasted like a week and then they got into it and she decided to come on a trip with me.

I want to not be available for her to let her realize what she is losing but I love her too much not to be there for her when she reaches out. She says that I really hurt her when I left and she never expected that I would ever leave, I feel so guilty for not being more patient with my decision. Perhaps instead of fretting and giving her any further issues with her decision, use that time whenever it is spent in contact with her to remind her why she loves you through positive and sweet actions. This would improve your chances and position as she holds on less to the past memories, and let the other guy self-destruct on his own accord through his insecurities and problems he gives her.

My ex girlfriend broke up with me and got into a rebound relationship the next day. She claims they have not had sex yet but i doubt it. She convinced me and said yes. We had sex that night. The next day we hungout and it was awesome. Day 3 she started being evil again. I think its because the new boyfriend is flying here next weekend and i said no.

She called me yesterday saying that she was "just drunk" even tho i asked 3 times if she was sure and she remembers. She comes from a broken family, and im not trying to save her as much as i want. I want her but she makes me feel horrible all the time. I'm a web developer and her behavior get into my work line. She has stabbed me, insulted me, sent me to jail on fake charges, cheated and much more. I am a nice guy and im smart. I am very hard to be lied to and she hates that because she loves to lie to people.

When i don't reply she messages me saying that i should not ignore her because it makes her sad but when i text her she say i am annoying. How do i fix this? She told me to killmyself yesterday and that's hurting. Someone please give me advise how i can just stop her behavior or how i can escape fast. This is making me sick. I look sick, i feel sick and i can't keep dealing with this myself. I am embarrassed to talk about this to anyone because i am a guy and they always tell me I would honestly suggest severing all ties completely, especially if you want out of this emotional roller coaster you've going through.

Block her off on all forms of contact such as her number, social media, Whatsapp, etc and focus on yourself instead. Ignore anything that comes your way and do not react to whatever she does or you'll just get sucked back in again. I know I had a past where I had a crush on some guys and so did he I still love him Perhaps try to understand why he suddenly decided to break up with you only now, using that excuse and see if there's a way to work things out.

I am the one who broke the relationship up. After 2 month i apologised and tried to get her back in my life but she refused, i asked her again and again if she had someone in her life, but she denied.. Then she kept blocking, unblocking me on whatsapp, sent messages but deleted before i read them, kept asking me whether i was calling her from another number eventhough she knows I don't have any extra phone.. I don't know what does she want, i am depressed because i want her back..

She could be feeling emotional for whatever circumstances she's facing, but isn't sure of herself yet and whether she wants to get back together or not, since she might still feel negatively towards you for breaking up and hurting her. My ex always posted her feelings on twitter and she posts angry tweets and sometimes depressed tweets. I was trying to move on when I saw her post saying "I'm not okay but I will be. When we broke up she told me to stop contacting her relatives and so I did. But, when one of my relatives died she texted my mom.

After that I texted her and said thank you. Then she took to twitter right after my message and said "I have so many things to say but I will stick with silence for now. I don't know why she does that it's like posting things to pull me in then push me away when I give in. Why is she like that? It's like pulling me in to hurt me always. It could be her personal thoughts but she's too stubborn to admit, and the conversation turning ugly would definitely cause her to feel stronger about not getting back together with you. I suggest giving her some space and not being affected by the things she says since twitter is meant for her to pour her thoughts out to as a sort of personal diary.

I broke up with my ex and it was a few months Relationship. Am trying to Hide that I love him but I can't anymore he used to act like he wanna talk to me but now he is not doing that anymore and know I strongly want him back I dnt know what to do. Have you completed No Contact and given both parties space to let go of negative emotions relating to the breakup yet? If no, I would suggest that you start with attempting that first by following this article. After two years of our relationship, 1 year being together here in qatar and 1 year a long distance relationship. Last April he left me here and at that time he struggled to the place he just transferred for work dubai cause his visa is not yet approved, at that time i was looking for a new job in here and we communicate alot of what we will do to stay together, he told me that if he can get a permanent visa and get settled he will take me but it just happens i found a nice job in here qatar.

So we decided that we will meet at one place or country to be together. This january we had a fight, because of misunderstanding, i get busy at my work and im still processing my papers to transfer my working visa to another company wer'e still in long distance relationship state. At that time we argue through messaging and he says he dont care about me anymore but i ask him to come back to me and we will fix this issue and then he nags at me that "how he can call me his girlfriend if he cannot see for 6 months"?

Stupid idea i told him that, my visa is still processing thats why i cant see him and i tell him like i think my visa will finish by nexth month to make him hope up , then he said okay, after that our communication became shorter, he doesnt response in some of my messages and i sense that it will come to an end- at that time i was frustrated to get my visa done in order to see him but to badluck my visa got hold on to immigration, this month i communicate to one of my friend which is also his friend, he send me some screenshots about their conversation, shows that hes dating a another girl, i talk to him now ex boyfriend about that matter and now hes insisting to break me up, and i was begging for him to make him stay and fix our relationship and wait for me until my visa gets done but he really wants to finish our relationship, i was decided that i cannot force him anymore and we broke up this week 3 april.

Hang in there Jenny. Things will definitely get better over time as you heal. Long distance relationships are never easy because they require a different level of effort to maintain the relationship, and even then, one person might eventually get bored due to the lack of physical contact and decide to end things. Been with my ex for 5 years we had a misunderstanding n I got angry told him leave for the million time n he finally did I didn't mean it but he said he had enough. We was talking n he jus cut me off then started back we fell put again had a huge fight and he cut all contact completely.

I went to his house we had sex n wen I left he said don't come back idk what to do I miss him like crazy. He could have said those things in a moment of frustration towards you. For the moment, it would be best to give him some space to let go of any negative emotions he might be feeling towards you before talking to him again. You should also re-consider the methods used whenever you're upset and try not to initiate breaking up so casually. Hi kevin it's Alisha thanks for getting back to me but i don't know how long i should wait or be patient with my ex for. Thanks again i really appreciate your help it's been hard but everytime i come on to your page i find some hope and i can keep my cool.

There's always hope and light at the end of every tunnel, just that sometimes it's easier to simply walk out from where you came from and move on because the journey is too long and uncertain. Hang in there, and all the best. I understand thankyou for all the help i really appreciate it Hi I was with my ex for 13 years we have got kids n married I thought everything was going fine then she comes out with I don't love you anymore we are over you do no that it hurt me a lot but I'm trying to sort my life out but she wants me to have kids all the time she phones me to ask me can I do this can I do that she don't realy talk to me only when she needs something or if I can do a favour does she still love me she says loads off bad stuff to me but not sure if it's angry n hurt.

Perhaps first draw the line now that the relationship is over regarding the children, before trying to win her back separately. Try not to get the two mixed up or things would get potentially very messy. Like I said, somehow we still manage to keep in touch lol. Another, she is always the first person to watch my Snapchat story. Everytime I post of guy or girls, she always asked am I dating one of them. Next, she always asked me am I bisexual, lesbian or straight What should I do? Or just move on my life??? This is entirely up to you.

She seems to have some sort of feelings towards you but isn't certain herself, perhaps due to the bad memories from being together. If you really want her back, it's up to you on how you convince her to be honest about her feelings, and show her you've changed since the last time without coming across as too pushy.

Her asking you to move on would be indication that she probably thinks it's easier that way, so attempting to win her back won't be a simple feat. However it can be done if your bond with her is meaningful enough. In the mean time, do give her some space first since she's upset, and wait a couple of days before contacting her again. My wife left me almost 6 weeks ago after 12 years together. She walked right into a relationship with a guy she just met, moved in at his place.

We're not even divorced yet and she's already referring to him as her fiance The dude has messed up meth teeth and is ugly, nothing like me After about a month I've been doing no contact and this passed week she's reached out a bunch but i keep the contact minimal and only if it involves our 9 year old daughter.

I get big long texts, likely helped by the new guy, full of bullshit about how i make her feel unsafe and i threaten her never have ,and shit she's going to use against me in court when the divorce happens, but then she acts all nice when we meet to get my daughter or i get some other nice texts.

Regardless of the craziness i want her back. She did a similar thing 10 years ago in the early years of our relationship. I wasn't giving her attention and she bailed into the arms of another dude but came back 3 months later. Am i working with a rebound scenario? Do i still have a chance? It definitely sounds like it, since there's extreme differences between you two. Most often under these circumstances, partners get bored after a period of the routine lifestyle and when they meet someone who comes across as exciting or mysterious even if it's completely unsuitable , they might find an attraction towards that person, and even dive head first into things.

Continue with your no contact, and don't react to the messages since it might affect your image if things really end up going to court. If you do want her back, you just have to show her that she's making the wrong choice, and that you were a much better option this whole time. Never come across as needy or desperate, continue improving yourself as a person, and don't forget to show off these changes when you get the opportunity to make her question her decision.

However, there are deeper issues that need to be worked on if you ever do win her back, because this could very well happen again and you have to figure out what causes her to feel this way. About 2 weeks ago my boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me. His exact worlds where "I'm not happy anymore" and "I don't feel the same about you" As you can conclude I was caught off guard and it broke my heart. We had been arguing a lot more than usual and I no longer lived close to him due to going away to school. But the distance was only and hour. I see now that I had made him feel trapped due to my insecurities of loosing him and being away.

I begged for him back, I cried a lot , I repeatedly asked for a second try and while he gave it to me he didn't try. The hard part for me is that even though I'm heart broken I love this guy. I've let our past relationship go because it wasn't healthy and it wasn't right for us but now I'm reaching the hardest part in trying to let him go.

After the break up he wanted to continue texting and talking and being friends.. He always picked up my calls. When I tried to tell him to remember the feelings he had for me he would get mad and say he had to leave. Knowing him for a long time I know he is choosing to forget me and any feelings he has for me. I don't know why? But now I'm choosing to 30 day NC and hoping this might help both of us put things into prospective. I really don't want to let this man go.. After this 30 day period might there be a chance to start a new beautiful relationship?

He may not have the same feelings about you, but still has instinctive lifestyle habits built up over the last 4 years as a couple which he can't let go of yet. That's why he's still responding so much, because he's used to it and I believe even he would feel the gap once you apply NC, and may even begin to think more about you. The NC period, and the chances of getting back together with your ex is highly dependent on how meaningful the relationship was, and how your ex takes the realization that he's potentially 'lost' you.

I have kids from a divorce and am forced to have contact with my spouse. How can the no-contact rule apply to me when I need to have contact with him because of the kids? NC does not mean absolutely no contact. Under these circumstances, it's still fine to remain in contact with your ex, but keep exchange of messages strictly between the topic at hand and do not engage in small talk other than what is necessary.

I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years, almost 9 months ago. I initially just wanted a break. When I confronted him he lied of course! So within the first 6 months I did a lot of chasing. This is when I started the no contact rule the first time. I changed or deleted everything he could contact or even look at my pictures on.

After 1 month of no contact I opened a brand new Facebook page. Within 4 weeks of having it he msg me out the blue asking how I am. We hook up on Xmas eve and have sex. I start the no contact rule again on Jan 8. On Jan 23 he emails my new email idk how he got it asking some random question. I leave before the party ends. Yesterday Feb 23 this man shows up at my house. I feel so confused. I let him come back over - idky! I asked about his life. He answered every question I asked even about the new girl.

He also had tried to reach me through a mutual friend 5 days previous but she never gave me the msg. We chill for about 2 hours and yes - we end up having sex. Afterwards I initiate sex with him and I dont make a fuss when hes ready to leave. It really depends on how he feels towards you at the moment. It seems like he has feelings for you still but is perhaps cautious for whatever reasons after the last break up. He is also dating someone else which he says isn't serious , so there is a high likelihood things don't work out with them.

If you feel that by seeing him, negative feelings would come back and you would get affected again, then perhaps NC seems like the appropriate path to follow, but if you think you're capable of handling things without becoming too emotional, and even being his friend again first , then take it a step at a time to see where it goes.

So my ex and i dated for about 9 months.. We went on backpacking trips, vacations, both of our families really liked us together. Our relationship was also both of our longest relationship by far. Her previous was around 3 months mine was 6. The last month or so of our relationship i could feel us drifting apart and had a few talks about it until we finally broke up, it was pretty mutual, we both needed space at that point.

I went no contact for a month and finally reached out to her and got a positive response, from that point we talked casually, about what weve been up to, hikes weve been on, and just joked around. We spoke on the phone the other day and i made her laugh and we told stories and i could tell in her voice she was happy. Perhaps try giving her a little more space again.

There's a real possibility that she enjoyed the talk with you, and decided to go onto Instagram for memory sake but ended up getting reminded of the past - resulting in her attitude towards you as well as the deleted pictures. We had texted for hours the day before and had a really positive phone call so i was under the impression things were going well My boyfriend of 10 months broke up with me on January We saw each other a couple of times and maintained communication. The reason was he was unhappy, had lost interest and that he had changed too many things about himself to be with me.

The times we saw each other he seemed really sad, and I apologized for everything I might have done to hurt him, and the understanding I had about everything that went on. The first time he seemed hurt that I had gotten out to the movies, bought myself a musical instrument and was making friends. Last time we saw each other February 14 he said that he had this fantasy about us because of shared interests, but he was afraid of trusting again. He also asked why I didn't took better care of how vulnerable and trusting he had been.

That night I started No Contact, though he has always seen what Ive posted on Snapchat I changed the privacy settings on every social media platform after that. A friend told me he saw his profile on a dating app, listing that he was available for anything except a relationship. Last night February 17 he sent me something through Instagram, which I ignored. Based on what he has said, I know he is hurting a lot, though he keeps really busy, but I also believe that we still have a chance, based on what he said about being afraid of trusting.

Any takes, comments, advice on this? It would depend on whether his trust issues are directed at you in particular or just in general. Work towards understanding the root of his problem. If he is afraid of trusting again, perhaps once NC is completed, you should figure out how best to help him. So my boyfriend of 10 months broke up with me on January He picked me up from work and had all my things already in his car, ready to take me home.

The reasons he said was that he was being complacent with himself, he had lost interest and was feeling fulfilled and happy. I asked to turn off the car and tried talking to him but he had put many walls. We saw each other a couple of days after to talk about what had happened, nothing had changed, though I could see he was a bit of a mess, he said he had changed many things about himself throughout our relationship he is more of a free spirit , and I told him that the breakup was unnecessary and that we couldve talked over all those things and made any adjustment needed.

He confessed he had though about another guy, whom he was seeing right before going out with me. He was interested in him then, but forgot about him once I came into the picture. He had already seen him, though just to talk. He still said that we were broken up. Last 2 weeks we've kept texting, sending each other songs, and different things via Facebook and Instagram. Last Saturday we went out, and though I wanted to keep everything casual and not talk about the breakup or the relationship, he did. I apologized for everything I might have done wrong.

After, we went to the playground we went on our first date, and tried to have a bit of fun. We talked again, and I told him the same as before, he said the only thing he could offer was a friendship. At the end we slept together, and then he took me home.

He seemed collected and ok with what had happened. We kept texting and such, and made plane to see each other again, multiples times during the week. We saw each other for lunch, and he talked about how I made him feel like im not interested in all the things that he talks about or wants to say. To all this I apologized, once again. Last day we saw each other was on Valentines.

He was really uncomfortable, and asked to cut it short. He said that it was some sort of chance what we were doing. We kissed, and said that he didnt feel nothing, but he didnt wanted to say what he felt or any other things he was thinking of after that. He said that we have some good pros, and that we werent that good in other things, and that he felt like he could be himself around me. He asked for space and time right before we parted. That night I texted him that I had gotten home so he wouldnt worry and immediately started the no contact rule.

I believe he still sees something with us, but is really confused and afraid. He knows that Im the kind of partner that gives it his all in a relationship. So Im just waiting for him to heal, and forget all those bad feelings, before starting again. Im incredibly afraid of all this, he hasnt tried to contact I dont believe he will , and has posted things of how he is a different person now, and how relationships shouldnt be forced. Under these circumstances, if he feels strongly enough for you, he would eventually come back after having some time to think about things and realize he still feels strongly for you.

It's true how relationships shouldn't be forced, but if someone is worth it, we often wouldn't mind changing for the other person because we want to see that person happy. I had this on and off thing with this girl for a year, she confessed her feelings in the January and not realising how I also felt, I didn't give her the response she wanted. In fact I thought she was too young for me. Then what happened was she started dating this other girl, after realising she had drifted further away from me, I then realised I indeed had feelings for her, in fact I was in love with her.

She thought I was only chasing her because she was in a relationship and gave me a very hard time about it. After 3 months she broke up with the girl. I stood by her throughout the failed relationship. At this point I was hurt and going through things and then wasn't ready to be with her, she then told me that I knew where I stood with her. We met up a few times after, just as friends, casually. Eventually I got through my troubles and I was ready to reconcile, probably 2 months down the line and start things up again, I thought we were on good terms, I thought she was waiting, as it turned out she started seeing someone long distance, she told me the girl visiting was just a friend, I later found out it wasn't just a friend and they had been chatting since they were 14 and 12 respectively, she's Anyway, a week after this girl left after visiting her she still wanted to meet up with me.

We slept together twice and then she went cold and told me she was going up to visit this girl for this girls sisters wedding on the 17th Jan - 24th Jan She went for just over 7 days. I adopted the no contact rule for at least 2 weeks after she left and when she returned, I was hurt and I was down. I broke the no contact rule last week Thursday and she said she really missed me and thought I would never speak to her, she apologised for all she had done and said she appreciated that I was speaking to her again, she also mentioned one of her friends had seen me out and wanted her to come through because I was there.

She was still seeing this girl in the other city. We started texting sexually and spoke of the future and traveling together, we both said the sex was good and she said it was good because there were lots of feelings involved, a few days later she went cold. She told me she had spoken to an ex and realised that she had commitment issues and was really into this girl she was having a long distance relationship with. She then also told me her parents would never accept our relationship as she is white and I am mixed race.

Which granted comes with a multitude of challenges but this never bothered her in the beginning. The girl she is seeing is white, but she won't introduce her to her parents either. She tells me she wants us to remain friends and develop a relationship like she has with her best friend. Why would she want to remain friends with me? Do you think she's confused by what she feels for me? Why would she engage in that sort of conversation and then go cold towards me. She sent me a voicenote saying "I've been feeling weird lately and I don't want you to feel weird, I don't know how to explain it, trying to find the right words".

Then she send me this long voicenote saying that we wouldn't work and she wanted to be friends and she felt bad about all she said because the girl she was seeing sent her Valentines gifts. I also sent her flowers, which in hindsight was a mistake, knowing where I stood with her, although the conversations we had really confused me. When I got upset she then said that she thinks she just wants to be single and not date anyone, but she continued to keep things going with this girl.

She may have certain feelings towards you, but is confused because she likes more than one person at the moment and seems to have stronger feelings of passion towards the other girl. Under these circumstances, it might be easier to walk away, because she might end up lying to you more or hurting you in an ironic attempt not to hurt you by keeping painful truths from you. Here's how the breakup happened 2 weeks ago: We both went together at some kind of restaurant with a friend of hers, I didn't really want to go out but made an effort to do it, and I showed pretty quickly that I felt out of place there.

A few minutes later I sent a message saying that I had a rough week, i felt out of place in this world blablabla and then, she sent me a tons of walls of text to point out that I never make some effort, that she's some kinda stopping me from achieving my goals before I met her, i was about to go and live in Japan for a year, but postponed it , that I really act like someone who hates everyone etc. Well anyway, fast forward to the wednesday after she had blocked me for 2 days before , I tell her on facebook that I miss her, and would get back to square one with her, start anew.

So I said "we can't just burn bridges like this after all the good times we had. At least, we could be friends", she replied "I don't know,I'm just trying to listen to my head instead of my heart, it's going to hurt just once. Please take care of you". So I said "I hope you'll find happiness" she replied "you too". Now another fast forward to friday, we agreed to meet up at a sushi restaurant, we spoke like nothing ever happened, but she seemed a bit cold and distant during diner.

After diner, she drove me home, I tell her "I missed being in your company", she replied "that's cute". Then the day after, I asked her out for the afternoon, and she kinda freaked, asking me "what do you want from me? It makes me ill at ease" then I reconfirmed that I just wanted to be friends "I'll think about it The sunday came, and I asked her about her new appartment, she said she has no internet so I told her "if you want, I can come and check it".

She agreed, so she came and picked me up, she was a bit distant again, but we talked a lot. When on the way back home, I went to the petrol station for cigarettes, she came along and wanted some eggs. She told me what she was going to cook for diner and I jokingly said "uuuuh,I'm hungry now!! I don't know if it'll be tasty". We had diner, I enjoyed it, we laughed and she drove me back home, kisses on the cheeks, "take care" etc. Now, fast forward to this week: Then thursday, she was looking for some wood stuff to decorate her appartment, I told her "I know a place, wanna go there together after work?

So we went there, found nothing and then on the way back I asked "Would you fancy sushis or maybe a Kebab? Anyway,Saturday yesterday I went to her work,because she offered me to fix something she fixes stuff and sells stuff , so I went there, by foot 50mins and it was a hot day. She seemed a bit distant at first when I entered the shop, then she became a bit cooler.

But I know that these days she's super stressed for something, she didn't tell me what but I told her "don't worry, everything's gonna be fine" and she smiled and said "ha thank you for your positivism". Anyway, she drove me back home, kisses on the cheeks again,my hand wassuper close to her arm though. Before leaving the car I told her "if you don't any plan this afternoon or tonight, let me know if you want to meet" She said "yeah, i have a lot of things to do so I don't know. I appeared super needy after the break up, trying to understand her and what she really wants and means by "I don't want to hurt you more than I did".

During the break up converstation I said that she kinda hurt me once so I don't know. The fact that she's remained so open with you, and treated you with so much positivity despite the break up is an extremely good start. The answer is that it takes too long and that he is lazy. He already knows he has gotten you in the past. He probably assumes you still have feelings for him and he is manipulative enough to leverage those feelings to his advantage. To him you are just the easiest lay…. Free On Demand Coaching Yes, please. Any man who is willing to cheat on his current girlfriend with his ex which would be you in this case is not a man worth pursuing.

I am not ruling out the possibility that he could leave her for you but in my experience this is extremely rare. Usually what happens is that the girlfriend finds out he is cheating on her, she breaks up with him and you are the logical choice to keep sleeping with until he can find another girl. My ex and I dated for almost 3 years. I never begged or pleaded, but I did let him know that I was still in love and it would take a while to get over him. He stopped seeing the girl he cheated with almost immediately, was alone for a while but in the last 4 or 5 months has dated a couple of girls, sleeping with them.

Finally around Thanksgiving, he and I started heavily flirting, he asked me to come over and I did. He has said all along that he never wanted to lead me on and, in fact, blocked me on social media in the beginning and created a bit of distance between us, only having very superficial contact. Is he completely over me? I know what you are going thru is hard. I don;t feel well equipped to advise you on matters regarding PTSD. There is a lot going on here, so right now I think your focus should be on your emotional health and sometimes giving each other a lot of space and time is the right medicine.

My boyfriend and I dated for 5 years and we broke up about a year ago..

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He left me for his ex-girlfriend. I think about you ; a lot. Its unclear whether he is having a melancholic moment or is testing you to see how you might respond. You can slowly explore to see if he would be responsive to communications and learn more about what is going on in his life. My ex and I broke up back in may.

It was a neutral break up. However after the breakup he wanted to remain friends and I didnt because I needed to move on and better myself. We havent talked since until a week and an half ago. Where he texted me a picture of my dog and we have been talking non stop every since. He has a girlfriend. They recently started dating about 2 months ago. Him and I hung out twice within the last week. Hes talked about his girlfriend however I have not heard one nice thing about her.

Not just that they were having issues in their relationship and mentioned that it may not be worth it but they are going away in 9 days. And would continue the relationship and see how things go after. I just dont get why he would speak to me after 5 months of not speaking.

And to be talking everyday from morning to night. Have you considered tapping into one of my eBooks as there is only so much I can do here given the limited time I have to respond to everyone! Right now, if the communications lines are open with your ex, explore them. But if he has a girlfriend, it seems you should tread carefully and ask him what his intentions are.

Time will reveal what is really going on in his head and how this other relationship will work out. He seems to have unfinished connection with you. But so long as he keeps saying he wants to be with this other girl, then you should accept until he gives you a firm reason to believe otherwise. If it upsets you that he reaches out to you, then tell him to stop.

Why Does Your Ex Boyfriend Contact You When Hes In Another Relationship - Ex Boyfriend Recovery

Otherwise, keep the connection alive. My ex-boyfriend and I broke up around 3 years ago, and we were together for 4 years. He has moved on with another girl around a year after our break up and we have been talking mostly online sometimes on the phone for maybe a year now. Now lately he says that they have been having fights more often, but he says he is happy and I am taking hisnword for it. Now recently he has told me that he has been thinking of just ending his relationship with his new girlfriend and trying again with me, however he does not want to be the onento instigate the break-up and would rather just things unfold naturally.

I think you should look at a form of limited contact for now, with a focus on your own healing and recovery activities. Hi, maybe you can help me understand what this man really wants from me. Well, with time he told me they had a relatioship and since i was devastated and talking to him I was ruining their relationship. With my heartbroken I decided get away from them, he used to talk to me whenever they fight and it was obvious he wanted sex.

I know it seems all he wants is sex but he really seem to be interested about my life. Lastly I must confess sometimes I really want to talk to a friend of him just to make him feel as I do, once I told him I would do it too and he got very mad just to thinking about it. Would it be a bad Idea? This is such a good read! I love your examples. You made things so clear and simple. I wish I came across this years ago when I made that last mistake sex with ex. Thanks for your inights and advice! My ex broke up with me back in September of He randomly texted me in the evening Merry Christmas and had small convo.

He then disappears for three weeks. Even guys from dating websites liked that particular pict. How many people are in your account? Why would he care if I still use the app if he is the one who ended the relationship. Is he trying to get me back in a way or just bored? I was surprised when he texted me out of the blue. Ex reached out again.

This time he said just so you know, I do miss you. Keeps trying to fish what I am doing in my life, if I have a new boyfriend, who I hang out with, etc. I told him I am enjoying life, talk to people, etc. He said let me help you find a new boyfriend, lol. He said he is coming to town in a few months. I then asked him if he is not happy? He said he is happy but he still has all those attachments and a big part of me is still with him. If he is happy, why keep trying to connect with me?

He called me and he said he is not confused. He misses our friendship, conversations, our road trips I surprised him with, etc. Before the conversation ended, he called me baby and said he got lost driving because I distracted him. Long story short, I kicked him out last May. He moved back home out of state to get his head together, be with family. He begged me back for 2 months straight, I told him my stipulations to work things out.

He starts drifting and becoming distant but still kept saying I love you miss you like crazy, I am coming home before winter gets here. I have to work to save money. I suspected he was getting involved with another woman up there, an old friend of his he dated 35 years ago. He denied he was talking to anybody 2 different times, so I started NC.

He came to town to visit his daughter. Said the reason he wanted to see me was mainly to apologize for how he treated me. He had ulterior motive of course long story. He denied he was exclusive with this woman I suspected. This woman has a public fb profile so I was able to see things since September. She never directly mentioned him or tagged him in anything until Halloween, right before his visit in November. This is how I knew he was lying. He has a public fb profile as well but never posted anything about her until after his trip.

After his visit in November and it all came out he IS involved with her, I told him not to contact me anymore. You have her now. Middle of December rolls around. He does things for a week to get a response. I finally replied and gave him one, lol. I asked him if she knows you are doing this. He gave me an excuse why he was reaching out to me when I called him up on this. I told him honesty goes a long ways. It dont matter anymore. He said right lets be cool, past is past.

I went off on him last month and thought that would be the end of hearing from him finally. Looking back now, it appears he got himself in a rebound relationship with this woman. He probably was not in a relationship with her in September but he was involved with her. So why does he keep reaching for me if he IS truly happy and IN love with her? I even told him this last time we talked. I am not playing games, I am not getting caught up in some love triangle. I am not your emotional support anymore. ON her fb page beginning of December, she uploaded her profile picture of the 2 of them.

She made a comment to somebody they are working on happily ever after. He acknowledged it saying they are. I love you so and so. She tagged him on a picture same day on his fb wall. He never commented there. So what is he hoping for by coming out saying what he did this week and plans a trip here to town in a few months? HIs younger daughter still lives here where I am at. It obviously is not an emergency like November or a wedding, lol. I even told him I want to put this behind me and forget about it. I have been moving on with my life and he keeps popping in.

Plus, if he is just using this woman until he gets it together, and leading her on like they have a future, that is wrong too. I have been moving forward with my life doing my own thing. I have never had an ex act this. I have come to the conclusion I think he has a personality disorder. No other explanation for all this nonsense. Of course he went silent on me after the big conversation I posted in here last time.

About ready to have a bonfire lol. I actually jog and play lots of tennis to rid myself of stress! Just come jogging over if you wish! I forgot to add that the child is not his. Is my ex hoping to reconcile with me and that I have a change of heart or is he just playing mind games, feeding his ego? We were friends for years before we got together. He is long distance and out of state too, if that helps.

Not like I go can somewhere and sit down with him and get this all out, lol. He seems trapped in no mans land. He needs to grow up and plant his flag and if its you, he best convince you. How long does it take to view them? After I posted this and my last conversation with him when I posted this, I decided to completely block him up, I had enough. It was too much and holding me back trying to heal and move forward. I felt that was not inappropriate. He was very upset and mad I completely blocked him out.

HIs excuse was still about some things he has here. I unblocked him on messenger and we have chatted since then. Anyhow, a week after talking to him about this, he left me a vm at 1am my time saying things he shouldnt if he is with somebody. Of course he bracktracks and says I was with wiht oh hush. No, you sent this yesterday. I tried explaining to him why I blocked him out and now this message. Not fair to anybody, and that is emotional cheating. He cannot let go of me. He said he doesnt get it why i dont want to talk to him anymore. He has messaged me everyday for the last week, like he really mises me.

He said the other day that if I have feelings and attachments for him that it matters. He just reflects on what is important and he needed to get his life together didd this after I kicked him out. He still looks at my pictures. The problem I have with him is that he hid this woman from me and lied about it, while leading me on like he was coming back here to work on things. He told me lst week he is working extra hours and to make this right, if you know what I mean. And he is very sorry he knows he hurt me badly and was wrong for this whole thing. He even keps asking if I have forgiven him yet which I told him i have.

Only healthy thing to do. I sometimes get behind in replying, so that can hold up the viewing time. It does sounds like he is struggling with letting you go. I also forgot to say that during the course of our big chat a week ago when I went off on him for doing this and that message, he said can we still be cordial friends? I did threaten him before with it.

Either you want me back or her, but I feel I deserve so much more than this idiot. So what should I do here? Did you read the initial post on this board? Any other ex in my past, leaves you be. You move on or you resolve any issues or try it again and that is that. How can he say he is truly in love with his old friend and engaged to her that fast? Everybody thinks he is just using her for his own benefit and needs. And to have all these feelings for me still?

It has been a year now I kicked him out. He decided to stay there and be with her and lied about it. Are you mad at me? He said he was sorry. This is so wrong! Another way to keep his foot in the door. He is being selfish! He did say he is planning on sending me some money too with the shipping costs. He then said 3 days ago, he still looks ta my pictures. He said it matters to him if I miss him and still have attachments to him too. He said he just reflect on what is important. After all this, I feel there is so much baggage not to want to give him another chance.

Mainly because of how he handled not telling me he decided to move on to something else up there. That was the last straw for me and then to keep wanting to be in my lie and still say all this stuff? He must be a glutton for punishment getting cursed out, blocked up etc. What does that tell you? Let me be for a while if he wants HER, and is happy. I even called him on it in January when he started texting me things. I was like why you contacting me then? Maybe he has a personality disorder? Then 2 week ago, he said he is working extra hours to save and make this right, if you know what I mean?

I even told him I am a queen not your happy meal. He said move forward like a queen then. Told him I have but you keep coming in my life saying all this stuff. Then asks to call me later. I know, men can be nuts. He begged me back for 2 months straight, I told him my stipulations to to work things out. Been focusing on me. I met my ex when I was 16 and he was We dated for 2 years and he dumped me. We kept in contact throughout the years.

Every once in awhile we would me up and talk and have sex and just go our separate ways until the next time. As time passed he would contact me because I knew what he wanted but I would ignore him and he would give up only to try again a month or two later sometimes longer. Here about a month ago I gave in and met up with him. I went to his house he bought dinner and we talked listened to music and just caught up. The next day he contacted me and we ended up having sex. I thought oh big mistake on my part. He tested me daily and called me as well. We had sex a few more times. I thought…has he changed?

At first, I was asking myself what did I do. I met this guy for almost two years ago. His life was very complicated at that time. I saw him losing jobs and his house so I most definitely took care of him. After a while I found out he was cheating on me with several females so I broke up with him. It was a very nasty break up.. He was being on my Snapchat everyday watching my story. I brushed that off cause there some people watching any story cause they bored.

After a year I texted him that I forgave him for everything he has done even if he was sorry or not. I cleared the air and moved on for myself. After I texted him this he was posting a snap for the first time ever since I was following him. Well I was happy that he was it. Two months later I posted a snap about my upcoming project. He took the step and texted me and asked me about my well being. I was kinda pissed off so we had more of an argument than a real conversation long story short he wanted to see me again.. We ended up in another argument we both ended up deleting each other.

After four months I contacted him told him I would like to meet up know since I had the feeling we both should fix our behavior. We ended up seeing each other he was a different person I really saw how much he was working on being a better person. He had a new job, new clothes, car everything. The way he was carrying himself was differently and he really tried to improve himself in several ways, which he thought would have been the problem I broke up with me.. He hurt me and I just contacted him cause I was curious about finding out what he was about.

He told me that he feels sorry that I just came to find out about his intentions cause he would still care and thought I was feeling the same. Which was very weird to me cause he was always so private with his family and we aint together. Anyhow he told me he was seeing another girl. I knew about the other female and was patiently waiting for him to tell me about her. I asked him why he lied to me he and this girl were together for almost 6 months and he was showing her off several times especially that time when we was arguing about seeing eachother or not well.

What does this guy want from me? And why is he talking to me knowing he has another female? What was his plan??? He is still in a relationship with her. If men think pretty highly of themselves and believe that they are entitled to the best women, common sense says they will always be looking outside their current relationship to find another woman that is better than the one they are committed to.

Since there are always going to be women smarter, funnier, more beautiful, etc.