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  1. The magic number: how many people have you slept with?
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  3. How many guys do you think the average 21-23 year old woman has slept with?
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For example, among survey respondents who reported having five to nine partners, 24 percent of men estimated, compared with 15 percent of women. Third, attitudes about casual sex also played a role. Women were less likely than men to view one-night stands as "not wrong at all" 9 percent versus 18 percent, respectively. In addition, women were more likely than men to consider a married person having sex with someone other than his or her spouse as "always wrong" 65 percent versus 57 percent, respectively.

My friend and I shared a flat with three chaps. This was unheard of at the time, but by gosh we had fun. We had no contraception. Even when you were married, you were holding back, in case you got pregnant again. That destroyed a lot of the pleasure for women. The greatest liberation was the contraceptive pill.

I married at 24 and had two children, but I used to wish I could have sex just for the sake of it. My arms and legs still work. I can walk about. Then I realised it was a euphemism for sexually active. When I told my grandson, he burst out laughing. A man of my age would expect me to cook his food. When I was really young, I imagined myself being with a woman, because that was the norm. Growing up and finding out I was gay changed everything. At my age, a lot of gay men are quite sleazy.

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The magic number: how many people have you slept with?

Straight men are probably the same. I remember going on Grindr when I was 16, and I was terrified because older men started sending me photos. That year-old men can approach year-olds? I miss people actually talking to each other, instead of being online. The sex we see in the media is one-dimensional. I had an illness when I was a child, which meant I lost one of my legs. Disabled people have a blessing in a way, because they learn that there are lots of other things that you can do that are way more pleasurable. I discovered that confidence is a trick when I was at university.

But I also realised that the best thing I could do was to learn how to make women genuinely enjoy themselves. So much of sex education is not based on female pleasure at all. A lot of men have a narrative in their head about how sex should play out, which ends up prohibiting genuine experimentation. I see sex as play. But my partner is disabled as well, and there is never any pressure. We flirt and tease each other every day. I took to it like a duck to water. I discovered this back in I was in my 30s when my live-in partner and I set up a role-play group.

This was pre-internet, so we put an advert in a magazine, and a lot of people joined, including trans women.

I prefer the sex I have now to be part of a relationship, although nobody gets me exclusively any more. One is a former lover, one is current and one will be a lover in the future.

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We all know that. I have a little ritual around sex. My first teenage attempts at sex were not promising. My confidence was low. As long as you're not doing it for approval, or because you're wasted and cant make decisions, so be it. I've felt the exact opposite in regards to pressure to keep the numbers low. Although being a guy might explain it, most of my friends are pro hookup culture so that could be it also.

A girl friend of mine lost count at Have some regrets about not being more sexually active in my younger years, but I don't ever regret my wife being my first and only. I'm seriously surprised I never caught an STD I can't tell you most of the people I slept with in high school. I was young for high school and felt like I couldn't say no.

How many guys do you think the average 21-23 year old woman has slept with?

Then I got into some serious relations and have been with 4 people in the past 12 years. Married the last of the 4. I was a late-ish bloomer. I was 'broken in' at 16, but only had 3 'carnal' relationships between , but after 19 I just went balls to the wall. I was a real douche, and preyed on the vulnerable Plus, being bi and going for both boys and girls But, I did pick up quite a few skills along the way, so How do you define sexual partner?

I was a "sex worker" when I was young. If so my number is in the hundreds. Sex-worker makes it sound more organized than it was. It started when I was working as a bus boy at a hotel on the beach. Our uniform was tight short shorts and a "coral" colored top. It was easy money. That 38 guys fucked you? It's not that great of an achievement considering a large percentage of the male population would fuck almost anything. I'd like to point out that research has put the average number of lifetime sexual partners at somewhere between I've seen a consensus 7 somewhere.

The amount of partners you've had does not define you in any way. If you feel like you wish you'd been with more people, don't worry, you have time. If you feel less worth because you've been with lotsdon't. And please don't feel pressured to share that information. A partner that gets upset about your past sexual relationships is insecure - its their problem, not yours. That being said, please use safe sex practices with every partner and get tested.

Get your partners to get tested. Using two forms of birth control is strongly recommended. And if it doesn't feel right then don't do it! What do you mean by partners? Does it count if I was figured?

Average hook up numbers : Pink wink dating site reviews

What about if I just gave a bj or hj? I was in single digits I think before I turned 18, but then something happened and then at some point I did 30 lovers in 30 days. And I have no qualms about it. Atleast I learned what I liked and disliked fairly early on. We've been married 12 years and have the most active sex life of any married couples that I know. That compatability in bed goes a lonnnng way. It's not that scary. It is challenging , especially as far as finances and things but I think making it work in the long run is extremely satisfying. He's definitely the human meant for me.

It's pretty cool to grow and evolve and overcome with someone else when so many people in relationships just become stagnant and give up around us.

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I came out late around around 19 years old.