Mandla and lexi still dating

Mandla and lexi still dating 2017

  1. Bringing Lexi back
  2. Big Brother Mzansi's Mandla & Lexi: together 4 eva | Tashi's TV | TVSA
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Bringing Lexi back

This show will showcase our relationship as we go through different avenues and follows challenging ventures and paths. Vaal-raised Mandla Hlatshwayo 24 walked away with one million rand when he won Big Brother Mzansi but must now use his money, ingenuity and more to make the leap from Spaza shop owner to musician.

A former call centre agent based in Cape Town, year-old Lexi van Niekerk 25 is now chasing her dream of becoming an actress in the competitive city of Johannesburg. Into this mix of entertainment industry hustle comes the family and friends of both Mandla and Lexi — along with the drama, highs, lows, dreams, romance, fame and desires of the couple who caused a stir with their displays of desire whilst in the house together.

Big Brother Mzansi's Mandla & Lexi: together 4 eva | Tashi's TV | TVSA

The 5 part series, Mandla and Lexi is the very first spin-off reality show from the Big Brother Mzansi reality show. Latest News Leaves spoil swimming pleasure for the Van der Schyffs. Danone tourney a worldwide phenomenon.

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