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At least in the U. No one bothered him on the street when he was in New York recently, so I think he needs to come here. I saw a very stupid poll once where netizens stated they wanted Bi to stay single forever. He wants a wife and family. Here in the U. I, for one, hope he does. For a while, I admit that I resisted getting into anything Korean because my best friend warned me about the massive amounts of suicides there, particularly with drama stars and idols.

Sadly But not really: I already like a lot of K-pop idols and really hope I never have to read their obits out here because of some overzealous nutbags. Their entire system in that regard is just backward. Micky sorta threw his boy under the bus lol. Also for them to know not to worry so much about not being able to speak fluent English. When I was in Japan so many people I met apologized for their English not being good. I am in their country and they are apologizing to me.

The fact that they can even speak, write and read English is huge on so many levels. I know most of them said it is easier to read and write than to speak it. The good thing about these guys and some other K-pop male singers is that they are getting to see the real world, the good, the bad and the ugly or the reverse..

Not long ago,there was a post about Korean K-pop fans not worrying about non-Korean women approaching their idols. Some of those same singers may not speak good English,but as expressed by JYJ, no one can stop them from liking what they like, English or not. I could be wrong,but those guys seem sincere in being in one. Since they speak very little to no English…the possibility of them getting in a mixed relationship will be impossible…NOT! Some Western women knows how to speak Korean. If they hook up, they still can have a fluid relationship.

Odd as it may seem to some, there are people in relationships who may not speak percent of that persons language,but still is able to date each other.

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One of my friend who I have mentioned on here is Senegalese. His wife is a Black American. They have been married for nearly 12 years,but there were times where I had to help him with bits and pieces of English. So far he is at least 90 percent fluent with the language. I wish them well. Given that Daniel is of mixed parentage and being exposed the diversities of the world, I guess he probably would be more inept to be more open to it. Guys, There is also one other thought I had and forgot to write when it comes to them and this subject,I wonder are some of them are really open minded to people of all different races?

They can be of any race but they may not want that. I meant non-Black woman. As it has been stated before, I hope if a Black woman is what they want, then it is what they want for an honest to goodness, real-life relationship…. I do think that they are still very cautious when admitting Publicly that they think of Black women because of the repercussions. I still crack up on that!

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I totally understand what you guys mean. He clearly likes what he sees. Anyways, do any of you guys visit the Blasian Narrative? Yes, I have been to the Blasian Narrative blog a couple of times. I just watched the video from the link. Your favorite artists will interact with…………Black People….. Their song styling comes from Black music, their dance style comes from Black culture, their dancers are Black. Okay was about to check out the blog and it gave me a content warning.

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Now We Know That JYJ’s Open To Interracial Marriage | Black Women Love 비

Is it something I can pull up at work? I cannot stop watching this video…i love this performance! Oh and BTW… the comments on that page were a little much. I also still trip out on Strom Thurmond. I just wish that guy like them were more honest about who they are than hiding the truth.

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It could be a Western woman of Non-Korean Asian, Latino or White persuasion that they may have in mind ,but since Majolie mentioned about it through the link, we now know. You would think that Junsu himself came to my front door and told me he wanted to date me. I guess that just goes to show no matter how successful, handsome, or wealthy Junsu is, internally he is just a normal guy. First off, I am so glad I found this blog.

I wonder if black women are included in this?

Heidi montag dating. Heidi Montag Net Worth | TheRichest

I find them attractive, especially the one on the right. I found them attractive long before all the hype and they are tremendous fathers and husbands. At first I was embarrassed to tell my friends but when I did they were all lot more open minded then I thought. I love JYJ- especially Junsu. I enjoy hearing hearing what he has to say. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.