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Jan 73 codes on the speakers in cab 2, probably originals. Im sure you are reading the codes wrong on those speakers. If it is HB it could be the code has been stamped back to front not unusual and the H represents If it is HF then it would be August I think this is more likely than I would expect a cream cover in T speakers from 81 would have black covers, unless the covers have been swapped.

AudioWonderland , Oct 22, Update Cab 1 Cone Codes - The top 2 speakers have a "3" in white ink on the cones. If my research is correct that should make them Pulsonic cones.

Marshall amplifier serial numbers made simple

The other 2 have no markings on the cones that I can find Cab 2 Cone codes - 3 of the 4 speaker cones are marked 3 which should make them original Pulsonics. The 4th has no markings on the cone that I can find. AudioWonderland , Nov 10, Those are the last of the pulsonics in my opinion. Only the cones from late 75 onwards are Kurt Muellers. Quite a big difference in sound. Jan 16, Messages: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Marshall 1960A vs 1960B 4x12 Cab Comparison

Hardie, on second look, there is no piping editted leading across the top of the cab from the corner of the grille. I see the piping around the cloth, but I don't see the piping that leads up across the cab. The Marshalls from the '80's came in white tolex.

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Dating Marshall cabinet help please!

These amps were the precursor to the Silver Jubilee's The metal handles place the cab as older than when the handles were changed to plastic. I wish I knew more about Marshalls What is the black? I don't have any info on dating Celestions after ' Wally , Jun 23, Jun 23, 9. What its looking like is a 69 cabinet, blond plexi, with new basket weave tolex added at some point. This is what the fellas at the Marshall forum have helped me with. The metal on top in one of the first pics is of the metal seat for the wheels to sit as one stackes the cabinets.

I thinks this is what you were inquiring about wally, right? Jun 23, According to the Marshall site: The 35th Anniversary cab is G12 25 watt "Greenback" loaded. And the 10AB stamp is the correct time. The corner protectors and grille cloth is probably a retrofit. The cab and the G12 Greenback's are special. Maybe Darren Riley at darrenriley. He is a nice Guy, just give him a call and explain the situation. If it is an 35th edition it could be a valuable item. That could be, Dagger. The piiping is still not there running vertically from the grille across the top of the head, is it?

So, with that 10AB date code, the letters and digits are in reverse order from the older codes, right? The links to the info I got and sent to you indicate that two of these speaker are old and two are newer speakers based on the terminal tabs having one set or two sets of contact points. Bynewer, I amnot saying 'modern' Thsoe fellows at that site notice the details, eh?

The T speaker I. The G12M25 'greenback that was reissued in the late '80's has a T.

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  8. Also, the 'M' indicates a medium magnet whereby 'H' in this upper left speaker indicates 'heavy' magnet. This all fits with the ''69 guesstimate. Those cabs would have had a model designation on the badge on the back of ''.

    Help Dating an old Marshall Cab |

    This indicates higher power capability compared to the Md. I am leaning toward the older date rather than the 35th Anniv. Wehn we find out for sure if those triangles in the corner of the baffleboard are definitive, then you will know what you have for sure, and I am thinking that that info is good on the triangles. Let us know what you find out Jun 24, According to this link http: I missed that the 10AB speaker was the pre-Rola.

    IN my post 5, I dated that speaker to Jan 10, ' IF I had caught the fact that that speaker was pre-Rola, then I woudl have not qeustioned anything about the date code. Wally , Jun 24, Jun 25, The Cab could be a valuable item, and a good history documentation is important. I've got it listed on ebay right now.

    Everyone that i've shown this cab too agree that it's a '69 basketweave. The speakers you know about and it's got the original casters in relatively good shape.

    Marshall Cab Dating/ID help

    Original Marshall emblem in front too. This cabinet is not excellent, but very nice indeed. We'll see how it fairs. George, on the Marshal amp forum, believes that parting it out will get the biggest bang for the buck.

    That's alot of work and I'm not money hungry, just trying to get Kevin's widow, Raye Lynn a fair shake on this cab, so we'll see how it does in one piece and if nothing happens, I'll break it down. I really am very grateful for all the assistance you guys have lent. Jun 26, FWIW, that book evaluaition is for a custom color cab in exc cond. The black cab from that year in exc cond is quite a bit less. A recovered cab will take a big hit on the value The speakers are worth good money parted out, as the Marshall forum fellow pointed out.