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Because I tried to ask him about the next few months, we ended up getting in a big fight and now he says this has gone on too long, it has to end. Why did everything suddenly go sour when I asked him about being with only me he even said that's what he had wanted. Now he says things are done for?

Drunk Man Talking Advice

When your guy called you on the phone to talk, he was high and drunk. Had he called and said, "I am planning on running for president and I want you to be my vice president. Instead, he said romantic things like, "I'm glad you're still here," and "I only want to be with you, promise me you will only be with me. It made it easier for you to hold these words as the gospel truth of his love and devotion. The problem is that when he said those things he was not coherent, he was high. This does not mean that everything he said was a lie, it means that everything he said was drug and alcohol induced.

Worse, is that sober he can't remember what he said when he was high. It doesn't sound like your guy is 'scared' to want to be with only one girl. Based on what you have written about the way he behaves when he's sober, I'd say he is not ready to be with only one girl. When you tried to get him to commit to you while he was away at school, he wouldn't. Your disappointment and his lack of committing ended with the two of you fighting and your relationship going sour. It is hard for you hear he does not like you the same way.

He said this when asked if you could trust him around other girls, and he responded by saying he could not promise anything. The two of you have a history of 'on again,' 'off again' romance.

10 Men You Shouldn't Date | HuffPost Life

It is likely that when this guy comes back from school and doesn't have any other girl to be with, he will try to hook-up with you. Well the guy regret doing it especially if the two were friends and sleeping together?

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  • 2. All of a sudden, you two are on very different pages?

How about this scenario. My ex finally apologized for wrongdoings at the end of our relationship.

Ask a Guy: Do Guys Mean What They Say When They’re Drunk?

This was his only attempt at an apology. I guess my question is, should I take it to heart that he does feel guilty for what he did? How can we ask you questions that will be answered? Is it better to post here or email you? He will be gone on vacation with his friends for 3 weeks and also seeing some family.


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