Dating old forester bottles

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Whiskey Review: Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond. Ep: 333

Below is an example of a bonded tax strip click to enlarge. From on this was no longer required. Below is an example of a style strip click to enlarge. Prior to August the bonded statement read: Starting January 1, all bottles were required to use metric measurements ml, 1 liter, etc. Some bottles produced during the transition will show both metric and ounces.

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If your bottle shows these words, it was probably bottled between and However, some producers continued to use bottle molds with the warning for a few years after; bottles that display the warning have been seen up to Sign in with Twitter. Posted December 26, On the front, the diagonal green banner reads "NEW!

Larger Metric Size" On each side of the bottle, there are three 'dimples,' for lack of a better word, and the s on the bottom of the bottom of the bottle are 55 13 79, leading me to believe this was probably bottled in ' According to the back label, this was bottled as DSP Kentucky Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted December 27, Thanks Scott and Roger Posted December 29, Posted February 6, Posted February 7, I have a many old forester bottles.: Bottom of bottle stamp is: Any any the age of this fine whiskey?

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Just found out, it is a bottle. It has separate words on stamp of Distilled on one side and spirits on the other. I have an unopened bottle of reserve Giblin blended whiskey. Red bottle stamp across top of bottle. Says Bureau of ATF. Label on back says Seal of assured Excellence Barton whiskey. Number on bottom is DC Thank you for any information.

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If you can send me photos of bottom, front and back of the bottle I could help more. Found a bottle of something special de luxe and trying to pinpoint the dating.

Old Forester's Birthday Bourbon Will Have Highest Proof to Date

Could use some help. No surgeon generals warning.

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Bears red internal revenue seal series Has additional numbers I and number Still sealed and never opened redundant I know. By appointment to her majesty the queen scotch whiskey distillers.

How To Date A Bottle Of Whiskey

No mention of Queen Anne like I saw on other labels. Imported by summit marketing company , park avenue, New York , ny There is some numbers etched into the bottle, not sure how tobdecipher. It was a mediocre blend.

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  • I have an unopened bottle of Guckenheimer Reserve around Does this have any monetary value or historical value to a museum? Hey Kirk, hate to say it, but no. Some of them tasted ok, but most of them, even from back then, tasted awful. Best option is to open it up and see how it is. I have a bottle of Inver House green plaid scotch whiskey.

    It is one gallon and un-opened. The IRS stamp is a series Is there a market for this stuff, and is it worth anything?


    It was found in a trash can after an estate auction. It is full with a red tax strip that has a number, It has a Ca. A red ribbon on the front. I have acquired many bottles in an estate sale and I was wondering the cost. The are all in great condition, unopened with labels in pristine condition. Brandy Base Produced By: So long as the wines were kept in ideal conditions they might be worth a bit, but none of them seem to be from sought-after producers. Have bottle of Johnnnie walker black label.