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CTS always started with xxx or xxxx.

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Here is an example 8 represents the year and week 28th week. Central Lab always begins with xxx or xxxx.

Manufacturers codes

Remember this that pots can pre-date a instrument year but never post date it. It was common to have pots 6 month earlier than an instrument but an exact cut off time is impossible to nail down.

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Usually the earlier the instrument the closer the pot dates are to the instrument manufacturing date. As the companies grew they bought more inventory and pots sometimes were mixed or lying around for a period of time before they were used.

Gibson pot dating

In the extreme instance of Fender Guitars in to cut costs Fender purchased enough pots to last the company for 5 years and so they are found in guitars from Switches were made by the Switchcraft company and still are to this date. Most were three way switches but they also had 5 way switches. The caps are a very important part of the harness but i would need several full pages to dive into them and their variations.

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Reading pot codes

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    It has the sideways tremolo. The nut width is about 1. Neck is joined at 22nd fret. I also have a Kalamazoo made Epiphone Sheratan. Does the pots date the same?? Open up the cover on the back of your guitar to expose the pots, it will look like this: They could be difficult to read if there is solder or wires obstructing the numbers but between all the pots you should be able to get the full numbers The years will be contained within those numbers.

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    In the photo you can see a 64 between the wires and the solder.